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Kotohira has been prosperous by many worshippers to Kotohira shrine since Edo era.At that time many of academic people as well as worshippers came to Kotohira, and nationwide information was collected.Even today the cultural zone of Kotohira ? gu, nicknamed as Kompira-san, is the area famous for its tourism and traditional culture. Kompira Art 2008 Toramaru Shachu is a new project with the aim of attracting tourists and activating the town’s shopping district through the influence of art.The art exhibition is to be held at two places.One is at Toramaru Ryokan, the long- running Japanese-style hotel located at the 92nd stone step from the bottom of the way to the shrine.The other is at Kotohira-cho public hall.This wooden building was constructed at the beginning of Showa era, and the architecture of which shows us the then rise of the town. Contemporary artists are getting together in Kotohira and creating “a room with an art work “ by designing the rooms of both places as art space.

During the exhibition lots of art events (including artist summit and symposium) are scheduled.This project could lead you to peep the past, present, and future of Japan. We are piloting this exhibition this year.


  現在の琴平町には、年間300万人の観光客が訪れています。その中で滞在客は30万人です。琴平町の産業といえば観光であり、旅館や土産物店が店を並べて、町並みに独特の風情があります。地域の歴史や自然環境と共鳴する芸術作品との出会いは、体験することでしか得られない感動です。 それは、最も刺激的かつ成熟した、アートの楽しみ方でしょう。





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