DX Report  2023  

Frequency is kHz. Time is UTC(JST-9 hours).

April 2023

9395 WRMI, Okeechobee, USA, Apr. 9, SIO352, at 0840-0900, Talk in English. (Hayashi)

9580 KNLS, Anchur Point, Alaska, USA, Sep. 10, SIO554, at1445-1459(S/off), Talk/Music in English, ID at1452. (Hayashi)

11620 Voice of Martys via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Sep. 11, SIO553, at 1500(S/on)-1530(S/off), ID and Talk in English and
Dhiverti. (Hayashi)

11700 Vatican Radio via Tinang, Philippines, Apr. 9, SIO453, at 1450-1510, Talk in Tamil. // 15490kHz. (Hayashi)

11855 BBC World Service via Singapore, Apr. 11, SIO453, at 1025-1100(S/off), Talk/Music in English. ID at 1029. (Hayashi)

11880 Trans World Radio-Africa, Eswatini, Apr. 9, SIO352, at 1515-1545(S/off), Talk/Local music in Somali.1545 IS. (Hayashi)

13600 R. Pravda dla Rossii via Moosbrunn, Austria, Apr. 8, SIO553, at 1535-1559(S/off), Talk/Song in Russian. (Hayashi)

15490 Vatican Radio via Tinang, Philippines, Apr. 8, SIO553, at 1513-1529(S/off). Talk/Hymn in Malayalam. 1529 IS.
//11700kHz. (Hayashi)

15710 Adventist World Radio via Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, Apr. 9, SIO353, at 1445-1457(S/off), Talk in Chinese. (Hayashi)

17720 Voice of Turkey, Turkey, Apr. 4, SIO353 at 0414-0456(S/off), Turkish song, ID at 0415 in various languages including
Japanese. (Hayashi)

17720 BBC World Service via Singapore, Apr. 2, S3-5, DRM, at 0806-0840, News and current affairs in English. Sometimes not
decoded, SNR 8-18. (Hayashi)

17790 Vatican Radio, Vatican City, Apr. 2, SIO453, at 0845-1000(S/off), Mass in Latin. (Hayashi)

March 2023

9290 The Overcomer Ministries via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Feb. 25, SIO453, at 1430-1500(S/0ff), Talk/Hymn in English. (Hayashi)
9330. Monticello, ME, USA (presumed), Feb. 23, SIO232, at 0830-0900, Talk seems to be in Portuguese, 0900 the language was changed, German acc. To the schedule. (Hayashi)

9900 R. North Europe International via Taiwan, Feb. 26, SIO554, at 0920(S/on)-0955(S/off), 0920 carrier on, 0925 program started, Pops/Talk in Japanese and other languages, ID at 0926. (Hayashi)

9965 TWR-India via Yerevan, Armenia, Mar. 11, SIO443, at 1414-(S/on)-1500(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Panjabi, at 1430 followed by Talk/Hymn in Hindi. (Hayashi)
After 1500 FEBA Radio Pakistan in Urdu can be hard on this frequency. (Hayashi).

11725 R. New Zealand Pacific, New Zealand, Feb. 23, SIO554, at 1103-1200, News, 1107 Talk/Music in English, ID at 1134. Added this frequency from Feb 11. // 13775kHz (Hayashi)

11980 Adventist World Radio via Nauen, Germany, Feb. 26, SIO353, at 0735-0800(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Arabic. ID at 0759. (Hayashi)

15390 Voice of Turkey, Mar. 12, SIO353, at 1345-1354(S/off), Talk/Turkish song in Urdu. (Hayashi)

15610 Adventist World Radio via Moosbrunn, Austria, Feb. 26, SIO353, at 0715-0730(S/off), Talk/Music in French. (Hayashi)

15610 KSDA AWR-Guam, Mar. 11, SIO553, at 1315-1329(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Nepali. (Hayashi)

17755 Mizzima Radio via Taiwan, Mar. 4, SIO554, at 0340-0430(S/off), Talk/Music in Burmese, ID at 0400. (Hayashi)

February 2023

9650 R France Internationale via Taiwan, Feb. 12, SIO554, at 1315-1359(S/ff), Talk/Song in Vietnamese. (Hayashi)

12050 R. Ndarson International, Chad, via Ascension, Feb. 5, SIO443, at 0715-0800(S/off), Talk/Local song in Kanuri,
QRM from CNR on 12045kHz. (Hayashi)

13775 R. Saudi International, Feb. 11, SIO443, at 1425-1457(S/off), Talk/Local song in Urdu. QRM from CNR on 13770kHz. (Hayashi)

15120 R. Romania International, Romania, Feb. 11, SIO353, at 0745-0756(S/off), Talk in Arabic. IS at 0756, // 15200kHz. (Hayashi)

15160 Voice of Korea, North Korea, Feb. 5, SIO252, at 0700(S/on)-0715, Talk in Japanese, 2nd harmonic of 7580kHz. (Hayashi)

15235 Voice of Turkey, Turkey, Feb. 12, SIO353, at 0620-0825, Talk/Local song in Hausa, TS at 0700 then program in Swahili,
ID at 0820 in various languages including Japanese. (Hayashi)

15380 Reach Beyond Australia, Jan. 28, SIO353, at 1317-1330(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Urdu. ID at 1330. (Hayashi)

15460 R. Romania International, Romania, Feb. 11, SIO353, at 1305-1327(S/off), Talk/Music in Arabic, ID at 1315. (Hayashi)

17530 R. Farda via Thailand, Feb. 11, SIO353, at 0805-0900, Talk/Local song in Persian, TS and ID at 0830. (Hayashi)

17770 Adventist World Radio via Madagascar, Feb. 11, SIO353, at 1335-1359(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Vietnamese. (Hayashi)

17850 R. France Internationale, France, Feb. 5, SIO353, at 0820-0859(S/off), Talk/Music in French. // 15300kHz. (Hayashi)

January 2023

6110 KNLS, Ancho Point, Alaska, USA, Jan. 7, SIO453, at 1400(S/on)-1459(S/off), Talk/Hymn in English, ISD at 1400. (Hayashi)

7520, R. Mattyrs via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Jan. 7, SIO433, at 1545-1559(S/off), Talk/Song in Korean. (Hayashi)

9580 BBC via Singapore, Dec. 30, SIO554, at 1128-1200(S/off), Talk in English, 1130 BBC news, ID at 1129, // 6195kHz. (Hayashi)

9625 KNLS, Ancho Point, Alaska, USA, Dec. 30, SIO554, at 1240-1259(S/off), Talk/Hymn in English, ID at 1256, //9580kHz. (Hayashi)

11945 Reach Beyond Australia, Australia, Dec. 30, SIO453, at 1205-1230(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Burmese, ID at 1230. (Hayashi)

12140 R. Azadi via Kuwait, Dec. 31, SIO343 at 1408-1428(S/off), Talk/Local song in Dari.// 15640kHz. (Hayashi)

13590 Voice of Turkey, Turkey, Dec. 31, SIO353, at 1238-1255(S/off), Talk/Music in Chinese. (Hayashi)

15120 R. Romania, Romania, Jan. 3, SIO353, at 0740-0756(S/off), Talk/Romanian song in Arabic.// 15200 an 17560kHz. (Hayashi)

15445 R. France Internationale, France, Dec. 31, SIO353-232, at 0805-0900(S/off), Talk/Music in Mandingo,
after 0830 program in Fulfulde. //15300kHz. (Hayashi)

15500 KSDA, AWR-Guam, Dec. 31, SIO554, at 1040-1110, Talk/Hymn in Mongolian, ID at 1059, after 1100 in Indonesian. (Hayashi)

17530 R. Farda via Thailand, Jan. 9, SIO353, at 0840-0900, Talk/Local song in Persian, ID at 0830. //15690 and 9990(0830-). (Hayashi)