DX Report  2023  

Frequency is kHz. Time is UTC(JST-9 hours).

December 2023

9505 Voice of Turkey, Turkey, Dec. 2, SIO343 at 1435-1454(S/off), Talk/Turkish song in Kazakh. (Hayashi)

9550 KNLS, Anchor Point. Alaska, USA, Nov. 18, SIO554, at 1535-1605, Talk/Music in Russian. ID at 1552, after 1600 in Chinese. (Hayashi)

9760 KNLS, Anchor Point, Alaska USA, Dec. 3, SIO353, at 1330-1400(S/off), Talk/Hyman in Korean, ID at 1359. (Hayashi)

11850 BBC via Oman. Nov. 11, SIO554 at 1320-1400(S/0ff), Talk/Music in English, ID and News at 1330. // 9410kHz. (Hayashi)

12140 R. Azadi via Kuwait, Nov. 25, SIO353, at 1310-1330(S/off), Talk in Dari. // 15640kHz. (Hayashi)

13580 Mashaal Radio via Kuwait, Nov. 25, SIO353 at 0915-1000(S/off), Talk/Local song in Persian. // 15765kHz. (Hayashi)

15215 KSDA TWR Guam, Dec. 2, SIO454, at 1505-1540, Talk/Hymn in Kannada, ID at 1530 then Talk/Hymn in Hindi. (Hayashi)

November 2023

9355 VOA Deewa Radio via Kuwait, Nov. 2, SIO454, at 1550-1630, Talk/Local music in Persian, ID at 1555, // 13590 and 9370kHz. (Hayashi)

9585 TWR-Africa, Eswatini, Nov. 3 SIO454, at 1500-1525(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Malagasy, ID at 1523. (Hayashi)

11535 Radyo Denge Gel via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Nov. 6, SIO353, at 1500-1554(S/off), Talk/Local song with drum and whistle. in Kurdish.
Clandestine to Turkey. (Hayashi)

11620 Voice of Martyrs via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Oct. 31, SIO453, at 1505-1530(S/off), Talk in Dhivehi. (Hayashi)

11700 Vatican Radio via Tinang, Philippines, Oct. 30, SIO453, at 1458-1530, Talk/Hymn in Tamil, ID at 1510 then Talk/Hymn in Malayalam.
// 15490kHz. (Hayashi)

12050 R. Ndarson Int. via Ascension, Nov. 5, SIO333, at 0740-0800(S/off), Talk/Local song in Kanuri. Clandestine to Chad, (Hayashi)

13695 R. France Internationale, Nov. 4, SIO343, at 0740-0800(S/off), Talk/Song in French. QRM from CNR on 13700kHz. // 21580kHz. (Hayashi)

13690 R. Romania Int., Oct. 31, SIO454, at 1430-1457(S/off), Talk/Song in Russian, ID at 1454. (Hayashi)

15160 R. Ifrikya FM, Algeria, Nov. 5, SIO353, at 0705-0735, Talk/Local song in French. // 17600kHz. (Hayashi)

15400 All India Radio, Nov.11, SIO453, at 1135-1200(S/off), Talk/Music in Chinese. A part is in English, ID at 1150. (Hayashi)

15680 Hope Radio, Palau, Nov. 5, SIO353, at 0320-0336(S/off), Talk in English. ID at 0327. (Hayashi)

17640 R. Thailand, Nov. 5, SIO353, at 0500-0530(S/off), Talk in English. ID art 0523. (Hayashi)

17700 KTWR, Guam, Nov. 5, SIO454, at 1415-1445(S/off), Talk in English, ID at 1429, after 1430 unidentified language. (Hayashi)

17675 R. New Zealand Pacific, Oct. 28, SIO443 at 0445-0558(S/off), Talk/Song in English, 0500 TS and news, ID at 0558 and
Fq changed to 11725kHz. This is NF from Oct. 7. (Hayashi)

October  2023

9395 WRMI, Okeechobee, Florida, USA, Oct. 8, SIO353 at 0833-0900, Talk/Hymn in English, ID at 0859. (Hayashi)

11825 Voice of Turkey, Turkey, Oct. 8, SIO443 at 1335-1356(S/off), Talk/Turkish music in Kazakh. ID at 1342. (Hayashi)

11875 Reach Beyond Australia, Australia, Oct. 7, SIO554 at 1211-1230(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Matu, ID at 1229. (Hayashi)

13660 R. Romania Int., Romania, Oct. 6, SIO353 at 1510-1527(S/off), Talk/Romanian song in Russian, ID at 1527. (Hayashi)

13820 VOA Deewa Radio via Kuwait, Oct. 7, SIO353 at 1310-1400, Talk/Local music in Pashto, // 15640, 9310kHz. (Hayashi)

15300 Bible Voice via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Oct. 6, SIO453 at 1434-1500(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Niuer. ID at 1459. (Hayashi)

15595 Vatican Radio, Vatican City, Oct. 6, SIO453 at 1530(S/on)-1557(S/off) Talk in Arabic. // 17800kHz. (Hayashi)

15630 R. Iran International TV via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Oct. 8, SIO453 at 1510-1600, Talk/Local song in Persian. ID at 15313.

17660 R. France Internationale, France, Oct. 8, SIO353 at 0733-0759(S/off), Talk/Music in French. // 15300, 13695kHz. (Hayashi)

17725 Adventist World Radio via Moosbrunn, Austria, Oct. 6, SIO353 at 1400 (S/on)-1430(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Urdu. ID at 1427. (Hayashi)

17760 R. Romania Int., Romania, Oct. 8, SIO353 at 1240-1257(S/off), Talk/Romanian music in Chinese. S/off w/IS. (Hayashi)

21510 BBC via UAE, Oct. 8, SIO343 at 0700-0730(S/off), Talk in Arabic, ID at 0730. (Hayashi)

21550 Ifrikya FM, Algeria (presumed), Oct. 10, SIO242, at 1420-1505, Talk/Local song in Arabic. (Hayashi)

21710 Mizzima Radio via UAE, Oct. 7, SIO353 at 1235-1300(S/off), Talk in Burmese, ID at 1258. Clandestine station. (Hayashi)

September 2023

5885 VOA via Tinang, Philippines, Aug. 31, SIO353 at 1605-1630(S/off), Talk in Burmese ID at 1630. (Hayashi)

9885 R. Saudi International, Saudi Arabia, Sep. 9, SIO333 at 1615-1700, Talk/Arabian song in Uzbek. QRM from Voice of Korea
on 9890kHz. (Hayashi)

11665 RTM Wai-FM, Malaysia, Sep 10, SIO353 at 1345-1401(S/off), Talk/Local song in Malay. QRM from CRI on 11660kHz. (Hayashi)

11830 R. Romania Int., Romania, Aug. 31, SIO353 at 1540-1557(S/off), Talk/Romanian song in Arabic,  ID at 1542. (Hayashi)

15260 VOA via Botswana, Aug. 31, SIO353 at 1635-1658(S/off), Talk/Local song in Somali.
// 15460kHz. (Hayashi)

15310 BBC via Dhabaya, UAE, Aug. 31, SIO352 at 1510-1530(S/off), Talk in Arabic. (Hayashi)

15425 Oromia Nat. Media via Romania, Sep. 8, SIO353-252 at 1500(S/on)-1529(S/off), Talk/Local song in Oromo. Clandestine
station to Ethiopia. This program is broadcasted at 1500-1530 on 15425 or 15445kHz except Thu and Sun. (Hayashi)

17700 VOA via Santa Maria di Galeria, Vatican, Sep. 6, SIO353 at 1512-1529(S/off), Talk in Hausa, // 15460kHz. (Hayashi)

17790 Vatican Radio, Santa Maria di Galeria, Vatican, Sep. 10, SIO353 at 0905-0930(S/off), Mass in Russian. //15595kHz. (Hayashi)

17800 Vatican Radio, Santa Maria di Galeria, Vatican, Sep. 6, SIO252 at 1530-1557(S/off) Talk/Hymn in Arabic, IS at 1557. (Hayashi)

21470 BBC via Oman, Sep. 10, SIO454 at 0845-0900, Talk/Local song in Dari, ID at 0859. // 17810kHz. (Hayashi)

August 2023

9695 KNLS, Anchor Point, Alaska, USA, Aug. 11, SIO554, at 090(S/on)-0959(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Russian. ID at 0905. (Hayashi)

9965 Hope Radio via Palau, Aug. 11, SIO554, at 0825-0854(S/off), Talk in English, ID at 0829, 0830 Talk in Chinese, after 0844
Talk I English. (Hayashi)

11870 BBC via Oman, Aug. 11, SIO554, at 1315-1400(S/off), Talk/Music in English. News at 1330. //15310kHz. (Hayashi)

11940 R. NUG via Taiwan, Aug. 11, SIO554, at 1400(S/on)-1430(S/off), Talk in Burmese. (Hayashi)

15215 AWR-Guam KSDA, Guam, July 31, SIO453, at 1500-1530(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Kannada, ID at 1528. (Hayashi)

15730 VOA via Botswana, July 31, SIO352, at 1330-1400(S/off), Talk/Loal song in Somali. // 17530khz. (Hayashi)

15750 Mashaal Radio via Thailand, Aug 5, SIO453, at 1230-1300(S/off), Talk/Local song in Pashto. // 15365Hz. (Hayashi)

17760 R. Romania International. Romania, July 31, SIO353, at 1245-1257(S/off), Talk in Chinese. // 15160kHz. (Hayashi)

17690 R. Farda via Thailand, Aug. 5, SIO353, at 0834-0930, Talk/Local song in Persian. ID at 0913. // 9370kHz. (Hayashi)

17850 VOA via Tinang, Philippines, Aug. 11, SIO353, at 0310-0330(S/off), Talk/Music in Burmese. ID at 0330. (Hayashi)

July 2023

9410 BBC via Singapore, July 9, SIO554, at 1140-1200(S/off), Talk in English, ID 1159. // 11945 & 6195kHz. It is reported, BBC
Singapore relay will be closed on July 16. (Hayashi)

9940 R. Thailand, July 9, SIO554-533, at 1245(S/on), Talk in Chinese. 1300 News in Japanese, 1315 Talk in Malay, 1330 Talk in English.
QRM from Nippon no Kaze (il bon ue baram) on 9940kHz.
R. Thailand changed frequency from 9390kHz to here since July 1. (Hayashi)

9975 KTWR, Guam, July 9, SIO554, at 1216(S/on)-1245(S/off), Friendship radio in Japanese. KTWR Japanese program was
back to air from June 25. (Hayashi)

13775 R. Saudi International, July 8, SIO433, at 1412-1500(S/off), Talk/Song in Urdu, ID 1446. QRM from CNR on 13770kHz. (Hayashi)

15590 R. Thailand, July 9, SIO353, at 0205-0230 (S/off), Talk/News in English, ID 0229. (Hayashi)

15730 VOA via Botswana, July 1, SIO353-252, at 1318-1359(S/off), Talk/Local song in Somali, 1357 ID, //17530kHz. (Hayashi)

17650 Bible Voice via Nauen, Germany, July 1, SIO353, at 1432-1500(S/off), Talk/Hymn in English1459 ID. (Hayashi)

17725 Adventist World Radio via Moosbrunn, A.3ustria, July 1, SIO454, at 1409-1430(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Urdu, ID 1412. (Hayashi)

17855 R. Exterior de Espana, Spain, July 8, SIO252, at 1515-1535 in Spanish. // 17715 and 15520kHz. (Hayashi)

21470 BBC via Oman July 9, SIO353 at 1115-1130(S/off), Drama/Song in Pashto. // 17810kHz. (Hayashi)

June 2023

9390 BBC via Dushanbe, Tajikistan, June 2, SIO544, at 1706-1740, Repeat of station ID “This is the BBC …” at 1730 regular
Korean program was resumed. (Hayashi)

9695 R. Saudi International, Saudi Arabia, June 9, SIO343, at 1530-1557(S/off), Talk/Arabian song in Pashto. (Hayashi)

15130 R Romania International, Romania, June 6, SIO353, at 1535-1557(S/off), Talk/Romanian music in Arabic.
// 15160 & 11830kHz. (Hayashi)

15265 Adventist World R. via Moosbrunn, Austria, June 2, SIO353, at 1610-1629(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Urdu. ID at 1617 & 1627.
// 11955kHz. (Hayashi)

15490 Vatican R. via Tinang, Philippines, June 3, SIO544, at 1435-1500, Talk/Hyman in Hindi, at 1449 IS/ID then program in Tamil.
// 11700kHz. (Hayashi)

15550 R. Dabanga via Santa Maria di Galeria, Vatican City, June 2, SIO353, at 1635-1657(S/off), Talk/Local song in Arabic.
// 17605kHz. (Hayashi)

17470 R. Denga Welat via Tashkent, Uzbekistan (presumed), June 9, SIO353, at 1615-1800, Talk/Local song in Kurdish. (Hayashi)

17530 VOA via Sao Tome e Princepe, June 10, SIO353, at 1645-1700(S/off), Talk in Swahili. ID at 1700. (Hayashi)

17590 IBRA R. via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, June 6, SIO353, at 1505-1529(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Bengali, (Hayashi)

May 2023

11560 All India Radio, May 7, SIO343, at1335-1400(S/off), Talk/Music in Pashto. There is information that the AIR has changed
its station name to Akashvani. (Hayashi) 

11765 Voice of Turkey, May 11, SIO443-433, at 1604-1625(S/off), Talk/Music in Pashto, ID at1616 in various languages inc.
Japanese. QRM from KNLS on 11760kHz. (Hayashi)

15590 R. Thailand, Apr. 30, SIO353, at 0200(S/on)-0230(S/off), IS, ID, Talk/News in English. (Hayashi)

15630 Iran International TV via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, May 11, SIO453, at 1450-1530, Talk/Song in Persian, ID at 1500. (Hayashi)

17530 VOA via Botswana, May 11, SIO453, at 1535-1600(S/off), Talk/Pops in English. ID at 1542. (Hayashi)

17670 Bible Voice via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Apr. 29, SIO353, at 1210-1230(S/off), Talk/Hymn in English, ID at1229. (Hayashi)

17680 TWR-Africa via Dhabaya, UAE, May 7, SIO353, at 1300-1317(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Afar. IS at 1315. (Hayashi)

17880 R. Azadi via Thailand, Apr. 29, SIO453, at 1115-1200, Talk/Local music in Dari, 1130 Talk/Local music in Pashto,
ID at 1135. //15090kHz. (Hayashi)

April 2023

9395 WRMI, Okeechobee, USA, Apr. 9, SIO352, at 0840-0900, Talk in English. (Hayashi)

9580 KNLS, Anchur Point, Alaska, USA, Sep. 10, SIO554, at1445-1459(S/off), Talk/Music in English, ID at1452. (Hayashi)

11620 Voice of Martys via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Sep. 11, SIO553, at 1500(S/on)-1530(S/off), ID and Talk in English and
Dhiverti. (Hayashi)

11700 Vatican Radio via Tinang, Philippines, Apr. 9, SIO453, at 1450-1510, Talk in Tamil. // 15490kHz. (Hayashi)

11855 BBC World Service via Singapore, Apr. 11, SIO453, at 1025-1100(S/off), Talk/Music in English. ID at 1029. (Hayashi)

11880 Trans World Radio-Africa, Eswatini, Apr. 9, SIO352, at 1515-1545(S/off), Talk/Local music in Somali.1545 IS. (Hayashi)

13600 R. Pravda dla Rossii via Moosbrunn, Austria, Apr. 8, SIO553, at 1535-1559(S/off), Talk/Song in Russian. (Hayashi)

15490 Vatican Radio via Tinang, Philippines, Apr. 8, SIO553, at 1513-1529(S/off). Talk/Hymn in Malayalam. 1529 IS.
//11700kHz. (Hayashi)

15710 Adventist World Radio via Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, Apr. 9, SIO353, at 1445-1457(S/off), Talk in Chinese. (Hayashi)

17720 Voice of Turkey, Turkey, Apr. 4, SIO353 at 0414-0456(S/off), Turkish song, ID at 0415 in various languages including
Japanese. (Hayashi)

17720 BBC World Service via Singapore, Apr. 2, S3-5, DRM, at 0806-0840, News and current affairs in English. Sometimes not
decoded, SNR 8-18. (Hayashi)

17790 Vatican Radio, Vatican City, Apr. 2, SIO453, at 0845-1000(S/off), Mass in Latin. (Hayashi)

March 2023

9290 The Overcomer Ministries via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Feb. 25, SIO453, at 1430-1500(S/0ff), Talk/Hymn in English. (Hayashi)
9330. Monticello, ME, USA (presumed), Feb. 23, SIO232, at 0830-0900, Talk seems to be in Portuguese, 0900 the language was changed, German acc. To the schedule. (Hayashi)

9900 R. North Europe International via Taiwan, Feb. 26, SIO554, at 0920(S/on)-0955(S/off), 0920 carrier on, 0925 program started, Pops/Talk in Japanese and other languages, ID at 0926. (Hayashi)

9965 TWR-India via Yerevan, Armenia, Mar. 11, SIO443, at 1414-(S/on)-1500(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Panjabi, at 1430 followed by Talk/Hymn in Hindi. (Hayashi)
After 1500 FEBA Radio Pakistan in Urdu can be hard on this frequency. (Hayashi).

11725 R. New Zealand Pacific, New Zealand, Feb. 23, SIO554, at 1103-1200, News, 1107 Talk/Music in English, ID at 1134.
Added this frequency from Feb 11. // 13775kHz (Hayashi)

11980 Adventist World Radio via Nauen, Germany, Feb. 26, SIO353, at 0735-0800(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Arabic. ID at 0759. (Hayashi)

15390 Voice of Turkey, Mar. 12, SIO353, at 1345-1354(S/off), Talk/Turkish song in Urdu. (Hayashi)

15610 Adventist World Radio via Moosbrunn, Austria, Feb. 26, SIO353, at 0715-0730(S/off), Talk/Music in French. (Hayashi)

15610 KSDA AWR-Guam, Mar. 11, SIO553, at 1315-1329(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Nepali. (Hayashi)

17755 Mizzima Radio via Taiwan, Mar. 4, SIO554, at 0340-0430(S/off), Talk/Music in Burmese, ID at 0400. (Hayashi)

February 2023

9650 R France Internationale via Taiwan, Feb. 12, SIO554, at 1315-1359(S/ff), Talk/Song in Vietnamese. (Hayashi)

12050 R. Ndarson International, Chad, via Ascension, Feb. 5, SIO443, at 0715-0800(S/off), Talk/Local song in Kanuri,
QRM from CNR on 12045kHz. (Hayashi)

13775 R. Saudi International, Feb. 11, SIO443, at 1425-1457(S/off), Talk/Local song in Urdu. QRM from CNR on 13770kHz. (Hayashi)

15120 R. Romania International, Romania, Feb. 11, SIO353, at 0745-0756(S/off), Talk in Arabic. IS at 0756, // 15200kHz. (Hayashi)

15160 Voice of Korea, North Korea, Feb. 5, SIO252, at 0700(S/on)-0715, Talk in Japanese, 2nd harmonic of 7580kHz. (Hayashi)

15235 Voice of Turkey, Turkey, Feb. 12, SIO353, at 0620-0825, Talk/Local song in Hausa, TS at 0700 then program in Swahili,
ID at 0820 in various languages including Japanese. (Hayashi)

15380 Reach Beyond Australia, Jan. 28, SIO353, at 1317-1330(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Urdu. ID at 1330. (Hayashi)

15460 R. Romania International, Romania, Feb. 11, SIO353, at 1305-1327(S/off), Talk/Music in Arabic, ID at 1315. (Hayashi)

17530 R. Farda via Thailand, Feb. 11, SIO353, at 0805-0900, Talk/Local song in Persian, TS and ID at 0830. (Hayashi)

17770 Adventist World Radio via Madagascar, Feb. 11, SIO353, at 1335-1359(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Vietnamese. (Hayashi)

17850 R. France Internationale, France, Feb. 5, SIO353, at 0820-0859(S/off), Talk/Music in French. // 15300kHz. (Hayashi)

January 2023

6110 KNLS, Ancho Point, Alaska, USA, Jan. 7, SIO453, at 1400(S/on)-1459(S/off), Talk/Hymn in English, ISD at 1400. (Hayashi)

7520, R. Mattyrs via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Jan. 7, SIO433, at 1545-1559(S/off), Talk/Song in Korean. (Hayashi)

9580 BBC via Singapore, Dec. 30, SIO554, at 1128-1200(S/off), Talk in English, 1130 BBC news, ID at 1129, // 6195kHz. (Hayashi)

9625 KNLS, Ancho Point, Alaska, USA, Dec. 30, SIO554, at 1240-1259(S/off), Talk/Hymn in English, ID at 1256, //9580kHz. (Hayashi)

11945 Reach Beyond Australia, Australia, Dec. 30, SIO453, at 1205-1230(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Burmese, ID at 1230. (Hayashi)

12140 R. Azadi via Kuwait, Dec. 31, SIO343 at 1408-1428(S/off), Talk/Local song in Dari.// 15640kHz. (Hayashi)

13590 Voice of Turkey, Turkey, Dec. 31, SIO353, at 1238-1255(S/off), Talk/Music in Chinese. (Hayashi)

15120 R. Romania, Romania, Jan. 3, SIO353, at 0740-0756(S/off), Talk/Romanian song in Arabic.// 15200 an 17560kHz. (Hayashi)

15445 R. France Internationale, France, Dec. 31, SIO353-232, at 0805-0900(S/off), Talk/Music in Mandingo,
after 0830 program in Fulfulde. //15300kHz. (Hayashi)

15500 KSDA, AWR-Guam, Dec. 31, SIO554, at 1040-1110, Talk/Hymn in Mongolian, ID at 1059, after 1100 in Indonesian. (Hayashi)

17530 R. Farda via Thailand, Jan. 9, SIO353, at 0840-0900, Talk/Local song in Persian, ID at 0830. //15690 and 9990(0830-). (Hayashi)