DX Report  2021  

Frequency is kHz. Time is UTC(JST-9 hours).

December 2021

5830 Iran International TV via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Dec. 4, SIO232, at 1505-1535. Talk in Persian. QRM from OTH purse. (Hayashi)

5975 BBC via Oman, Dec. 3, SIO343, at 1614-1640, Talk in Dari, 1630 ID, Talk in Pashto. QRM from CRI. // 7465kHz. (Hayashi)

9810 Vatican Radio via Tinang, Philippines, Dec. 4, SIO353-454 at 1240-1250(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Russian. // 7420kHz. (Hayashi)

11780 TWR-Africa, Eswatini, Nov. 27, SIO352, at 1510-1545(S/off), Talk/Local song in Somali. 1545 S/off with IS. Very noisy. (Hayashi)

13750 R. Thailand World Service, Thailand, Nov. 14, SIO353, at 0200(S/on)-0230(S/off), Talk/Music in English. 0221 News.
In B21 schedule,  this North American service reduced the schedule. Now it broadcast 0000 English, 0030-0100 Thai and
0200-0230 English. (Hayashi)

15120 R. Saudi International, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 28, SIO353, at 1135-1157(S/off). Talk/Arabian music in Bengali.

15235 Voice of Turkey, Turkey, Nov. 21, SIO353, at 0645-0735, Talk/Turkish music in Hausa, ID at 0654. At 0700
followed by Talk in Swahili. (Hayashi)

15640 R. Pilipinas, Philippines, Nov. 28, SIO454, at 0205-0235, Talk "Date line Maracanian" in English. // 17820kHz. (Hayashi)

15680 Hope Radio via Palau, Dec. 5, SIO353, at 0135-0205. Talk/Hymn in English, ID at 0159. (Hayashi)

17710 R. NUG via Taiwan, Nov. 28, SIO 454, at 0130(S/on)-0200(S/Off), S/on with ID, Talk/Local music in Burmese. (Hayashi)

November 2021

5895 R. Ibrahim via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Nov. 9, SIO343, at 1510-1526(S/off), Talk/Local song in Bengali. (Hayashi)

9510 Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran, Oct. 28, SIO343, at 1500-1520(S/off), Talk/Iranian music in Hindi. QRM from CNR and
KBS World R.  on 9515kHz. // 9470 kHz. (Hayashi)

9965 Hope Radio via Plau, Nov. 7, SIO554, at 1115-1121(S/off), Talk/Music in English, ID at 1116. Schedule is 1100-1135
but the carrier  was off at 1121. (Hayashi)

11990 Deutsche Welle via Dhabaya. UAE, Nov. 9, SIO353, at 1445-1500(S/off), Talk in Pashto, 1459 ID. // 15230kHz but not audible. (Hayashi)

13580 Trans World Radio Africa, Manzini, Eswatini, Oct. 28, SIO252, at 1605-1627(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Kirundi. S/off with IS. (Hayashi)

13775 R. Saudi International, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 3, SIO352, at 1420-1457(S/off), Talk/Local music in Urdu. (Hayashi)

15515 Adventist World Radio via Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Nov. 7, SIO352, at 0240-0300(S/off), Talk/Hymn in English. 0259 ID. (Hayashi)

15530 Adventist World Radio via Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, Oct. 28, SIO353, at 1525-1559(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Karen, IS at 1530. (Hayashi)

15640 R. Azadi via Kuwait, Nov. 7, SIO353, at 0720-0830, Talk/Local song in Dari, 0730 Talk/Local son in Pashto. // 12140kHz. (Hayashi)

October 2021

5970 BBC via Oman, Oct. 3, SIO353, at 1645-1710, Talk/Local music in Dari,1659 ID. // 7465kHz. (Hayashi)

9620 R. Sultanate of Oman (Presumed), Oct. 6, SIO353-332, at 1510-1535, Talk/Local music in Arabic. QRM from BBC on 9610kHz after 1530. (Hayashi)

11575 R. Ashna via Kwaito, Oct. 6, SIO453, at 1555-1630, Talk in Dari. // 12070kHz. (Hayashi)

13820 VOA Deewa R. via Kwaito, Sep. 25, SIO453, at 1510-1600, Talk/Local music in Pashto, 1529 ID. // 15640, 12035kHz. (Hayashi)

13840 NHK World via Madagascar, Sep. 25, SIO35, at 0540-0558(S/off), Talk in French, 0548 ID. (Hayashi)

15220 Adventist World Radio via Nauen, Germany, Oct. 10, SIO353, at 0735-0800(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Arabic, 0753 ID. (Hayashi)

15390 Deutsche Welle via Dhabaya, UAE, Oct. 6, SIO353-252, at 1400(S/on)-1500(S/off), Talk in Dari, 1400 IS/ID, after 1430 ID Talk/Local music
         in Pashto. // 15230kHz. (Hayashi)

15455 R. France Internationale, France, Oct. 10, SIO353, at 0810-0835, Talk/Music in Mandinka, after 0830 Talk/Music in Fulfude.

15690 R. Farda via Thailand, Sep. 25, SIO353, at 0510-0530(S/off), Talk/Local song in Pashto, // 13860kHz. After 0530,
changed to the relay  from Biblis, Germany. (Hayashi)

17710 R. NUG (National Unity Government of Myanmar) via Taiwan, Sep 20, SIO353-454, at 0130(S/on)-0200(S/off),
         Talk/Burmese Song in Burmese. (Hayashi)

17820 Vatican R., Vatican City, Oct. 10, SIO453, at 0840-0930(S/off), Mass in unidentified language. 0925 IS, after 0925 music. (Hayashi)

September 2021

5970 BBC via Oman, Sep. 10, SIO343, at 1645-1715, Talk in Pashto, 1700 ID, Talk/Local song in Dari. // 7465kHz. (Hayashi)

9065 Number reading from Cube, Aug. 29, SIO252, at 0755(S/on)-0830, Number reading by female in Spanish. (Hayashi)

9650 R. France Internationale via Taiwan, Aug. 29, SIO453, at 1320-1358(S/off), Talk/Music in Vietnamese. (Hayashi)

11790 R. Liberty via Kuwait, Aug. 4, SIO453, at 1445-1500(S/off), Talk in Uzbek. // 15310kHz. (Hayashi)

13690 TWR India via Yerevan, Armenia, Sep. 4, SIO353, at 1405-1441, Talk/Hymn in Dhodia, 1415 Talk/Hymn in Gharwali, 1430 Talk in Punjabi. (Hayashi)

13860 R. Farda via Thailand, Sep. 4, SIO352, at 0330-0435, Talk/Local song in Pashto, ID at 0430. // 15690kHz. (Hayashi)

15340 R. Romania, Romania, Sep. 11, SIO353, at 1435- 1500(S/off), Talk in Romanian. // 11950kHz. (Hayashi)

17720 Voice of Turkey, Sep. 4, SIO353, at 0437-0454(S/off), Talk/Turkish song in Malay, ID at 0439. (Hayashi)

17605 Adventist World Radio via Madagascar, Sep. 4, SIO333, at 1335-1400, Talk/Hymn in Vietnamese. (Hayashi)

17845 R. Ergo via Dhabaya, UAE, Sep. 11, SIO353, at 1205-1240, Talk in Somali. (Hayashi)

17865 VOA via Philippines, Aug. 29, SIO453, at 0129-0200, 0129 IS 0300ID, Talk in Burmese. // 15110kHz. (Hayashi)

21600 VOA via Philippines, Sep. 4, SIO443, at 0458-0515, 0458 IS, 0500 ID News in Tibetan, // 15140kHz. QRM from CNR as jammer. (Hayashi)

August 2021

9525 R. Liberty via Kuwait, Aug. 9, SIO353, at 1535-1600(S/off), Talk in Turkmen. (Hayashi)

11575 VOA R. Ashna via Kuwait, Aug.9, SIO453, at 1505-1530, Talk/Local music in Dari, ID at 1512. // 12070, 7495kHz. (Hayashi)

11900 Reach Beyond Australia, Australia, July 22, SIO554, at 1205-1235, Talk in Kannada, 1215 Talk/Hymn in Hindi. (Hayashi)

13630 VOA via Sao Tome e Principe, Sep. 10, SIO343, at 1610-1630(S/off), Talk on Kirandi. // 15460, 17530kHz. (Hayashi)

13740 R. Habana, Cuba, July 23, SIO353, at 1210-1250, Talk in Spanish, ID at 1231. // 15230, 15140kHz. (Hayashi)

15310 BBC via Oman, July 22, SIO554, at 1110-1130(S/off), Talk/Local song in Pashto. (Hayashi)

15520 Voice of Turkey, Turkey, Aug. 10, SIO343, at 1650-1723(S/off), Talk/Turkish music in English. ID at 1719 in various language inc. Japanese. (Hayashi)

15680 Hope Radio, Palau, Aug. 1, SIO242, at 0130-0205, Talk in English, ID at 0200, (Hayashi)

17845 R. Ergo via Dhabaya, UAE, July 22, SIO353, at 1240-1259(S/off), Talk/Local song in Somali. (Hayashi)

July 2021

9390 R. Thailand, Thailand, July 3, SIO544, at 1300-1315, News in Japanese, they have announced "Japanese programme will terminate in end of June"  on June 14-16, but it is continued after July. Good news for Japanese listeners. (Hayashi)

11780 TWR-Africa, Eswatani, June 26, SIO353, at 1515-1545(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Somari. S/off with IS. (Hayashi)

11995 The Online Symposium in the U.N. on the Abduction Issue (live broadcast) via Taiwan, June 29, SIO544, at 1200(S/on)-1400(S/off).  1200 Music, 1209 Symposium started in Japanese/English, Remarks, appeal from families of victims and panel discussion.  Mixing with simultaneous interpretation in Korean. Closing announcement at 1358. // 11890kHz. (Hayashi)

13775 R. Saudi International, Saudi Arabia, June 29, SIO444, at 1435-1457(S/off), Talk in Urdu. ID and National anthem at 1456.
         QRM from CNR on 13770kHz. (Hayashi)

15030 All India Radio, India, July 4, SIO352, at 0525-0600(S/off), Talk/Local son in Arabic. (Hayashi)

15540 R. Kuwait, Kuwait, July 9, SIO353, at 1635-1700, Talk/Local song in Urdu. (Hayashi)

17605 Adventist World Radio via Madagascar, July 3, SIO453, at 1328-1359(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Vietnamese ID at 1358. (Hayashi)

17895 R. Saudi, Saudi Arabia, June 26, SIO353, at 1327-1405, Quran chanting/Talk in Arabic, ID at 1405. // 17615kHz. (Hayashi)

21630 BBC via Ascension, June 29, SIO353, at 1405-1430(S/off), Talk/Local music in Hausa, ID at 1428. // 17780kHz. (Hayashi)