DX Report   2022

Frequency is kHz. Time is UTC(JST-9 hours).

December 2022

5975 BBC via Seela, Oman, Dec. 4, SIO353, at 1505-1540, Talk/Local song in Pashto, ID at 1521. // 11995kHz. (Hayashi)

7485 Vatican Radio via Tinang, Philippines, Dec. 3, SIO353, at 1250-1315(S/off), Mass in Chinese1315 S/off with IS.
// 9720 and 5980kHz. (Hayashi)

7630 Voice of Martyrs via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Dec. 3, SIO333, at 1459(S/on)-1530(S/off), Talk in Chinese.
QRM from a carrier. (Hayashi)

12065 BBC via Kranji, Singapore, Dec. 4, SIO453, at 1325-1400(S/off), News hour in English, ID at 1329. (Hayashi)

13775 R. New Zealand Int., New Zealand, Nov. 27, SIO554, at 1145-1220, Talk/Pops in English 1200 TS and news. Changed
from 13730kHz on Nov. 11. (Hayashi)

15290 NHK World via Issoudun, France, Dec. 4, SIO453, at 0800-0815, News and 地球ラジオ in Japanese,
relay of NHK Radio 1. (Hayashi)

15380 Reachbeyond Australia, Australia, Dec. 3, SIO353, at 1208-1238, Talk/Hymn in Tamil, 1230 Talk/Hymn in Hindi. (Hayashi)

15610 Adventist World Radio via Moosburunn, Austria, Dec. 4, SIO353, at 0715-0730(S/off), Talk/Music in French. (Hayashi)

15640 R. Azadi via Kuwait, Nov. 27, SIO453, at 1100-1140, Talk/Local song in Dari, 1130 Talk in Pashto, ID at 1137.
// 12140kHz. (Hayashi)

November 2022

7390 R. New Zealand Int., New Zealand, Nov. 11, SIO453, at 1530-1630, Talk/Pacific song in English, at 1600 TS, Pacific news. (Hayashi)

9580 IBRA Radio via Dhabaya, UAE, Nov. 2, SIO353, at 1515-1545(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Pashto, ID at 1532. (Hayashi)

11935 Vatican Radio via Tinang, Philippines, Nov. 10, SIO453, at 1515-1530(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Malayalam. S/off w/IS. (Hayashi)

12040 Adventist World Radio(KSDA), Guam, Nov. 10, SIO353, at 1600(S/on)-1630(S/off), ID, Talk in Telugu. (Hayashi)

12050 R. Ndarason Int. via Ascension (presumed), Nov. 5, SIO433, at 0710-0800(S/off), Talk/Local song in Kanuri(acc. to schedule).
QRM from CNR. (Hayashi)

12110 Mashaal Radio via Kuwait, Nov. 12, SIO242-343, at 1145-1258(S/off), Talk/Local music I Pashto. ID at 1253,
// 15765kHz. (Hayashi)

13750 R. Thailand, Thailand. Nov. 5, SIO453, at 0200(S/on)-0230(S/off), National news/Talk in English. (Hayashi)

15400 R. Romania Int., Romania, Nov. 3, SIO352, at 0507-0527(S/off), Talk in French. (Hayashi)

15455 Adventist World Radio via Nauen, Germany, Oct. 23, SIO252, at 0615-0630(S/off), Talk in French. // 17790kHz. (Hayashi)

October 2022

9290 The Overcomer Ministry via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Sep. 23, SIO554, at 1330-1402, Talk/Hymn in English, ID at 1357. (Hayashi)

9380 KTWR Friendship Radio from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Sep. 25, SIO343, at 1215(S/on)-1245(S/off), Talk/Music
in Japanese. (Hayashi)

9380 KTWR Friendship Radio, Guam, Oct. 9, SIO554, at 1215(S/on)-1244(S/off), Talk/Music in Japanese. This weekly Sunday
program was back to broadcast today from Guam. It was off the air few months because of transmitter breakdown. (Hayashi)

11790 R. Liberty via Kuwait, Sep. 23, SIO454, at 1425-1500(S/off), Talk/Local music in Uzbekistan. // 15310kHz. (Hayashi)

13610 R. Romania International, Romania, Oct. 7, SIO353, at 1345-1356(S/off), Talk/Romanian song in Russian. ID at 1354. (Hayashi)

13775 R. Saudi International, Saudi Arabia, Sep. 20, SIO343, at 1425-1458(S/off), Talk/Arabian music in Urdu, QRM from CNR
on 13770kHz. (Hayashi)

15220 Adventist World Radio via Nauen, Germany, Sep. 24, SIO343, at 0720-0800(S/off), Talk in Arabic. QRM from CRI
on 15230kHz. (Hayashi)

15455 R. France Internationale, France, Oct. 2, SIO353, at 0805-0900(S/off), Talk/Local song in Mandekan, after 0830 in Fulani.
Both languages are the dialect in W. Africa. (Hayashi)

15510 IBRA Radio via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Oct. 8, SIO353, at1505-1531(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Bengali, ID at 1522. (Hayashi)

15530 Adventist World Radio via Madagascar, Oct. 5, SIO353 at 1410-1429(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Swahili. (Hayashi)

15530 R. Kuwait, Kuwait, (presumed), Oct. 10, SIO242, at 0545-0600, Talk in English. (Hayashi)

15595 Vatican Radio, Vatican City, Sep. 21, SIO353, at 1540-1557(S/off), Talk in Arabic. (Hayashi)

17530 BBC via Dhabaya, UAE, Oct. 9, SIO353, at 0535-0600(S/off), Talk in English. ID at 0559. // 9915kHz. (Hayashi)

17640 R. Thailand, Thailand, Oct. 10, SIO353, at 0515-0530(S/off), Talk in English. ID at 0528. (Hayashi)

September 2022

9365 Voice of Wildness via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Aug. 22, SIO554, at 1400(S/on)-1459(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Korean.
QSY from 9330kHz. (Hayashi)

9380 KTWR Friendship Radio via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Sep. 4, SIO353, at 1215(S/on)-1246(S/off), weekly Sunday program i
n Japanese. It is still off the air from Guam due to a transmitter breakdown. So the program will tentatively broadcast
via Tashkent in September only. It also can be heard at 1215 on Sep 11. (Hayashi)

9705 Vatican Radio, Vatican City, Sep. 10, SIO443, at 1635-1659(S/off), Talk in Russian, IS and ID at 1639. Followed by Ukrainian
at 1640. QRM from China Radio on 9710kHz. // 11815kHz. (Hayashi)

9950 All India Radio, India, Sep. 7, SIO353, at 1420-1500(S/off), Talk/Indian song in Dari. ID at 1459. (Hayashi)

11765 Voice of Turkey, Turkey, Aug. 22, SIO353, at 1515-1605, Talk/Turkish song in Dari, ID at 1529 then followed by Pashto
program at 1530. (Hayashi)

11825 Reach Beyond Australia, Australia, Aug. 24, SIO554, at 1515-1531(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Burmese. ID at 1530. (Hayashi)

11880 TWR-Africa, Eswatini, Sep. 8, SIO353, at 1505-1530(S/ff), Talk in Somali. IS at 1530. (Hayashi)

12005 R. Farda via Woofferton, UK, Aug. 24, SIIO353-352, at 1535-1600, Talk/Music in Persian. // 5860kHz. (Hayashi)

13820 Deewa Radio via Kuwait, Sep. 10, SIO453, at 1415-1505, Talk/Local song in Persian. // 12035kHz. (Hayashi)

15150 R. Tamazuj via Madagascar (presumed). Aug. 23, SIO353-352, at 1500(S/on)-1530, Talk/Local song in Sudanese,
Clandestine to South Sudan. (Hayashi)

15440 Adventist World Radio via Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Sep. 10, SIO353, at 1345-1400(S/off), Talk in Thai. ID at 1400. (Hayashi)

17830 R. Farda via Lampertheim, Germany, Aug. 27, SIO353, at 1130-1200(S/off), Talk/Music in Persian. //9370kHz. (Hayashi)

August 2022 

9330 Number reading station, Habana, Cuba, Aug. 7, SIO353, at 0810-0816(S/off), Number reading by female in Spanish.
It was changed to 9065kHz and heard at 0817, SIO353. (Hayashi)

9380 KTWR, Guam, weekly Sunday Japanese program at 1215-1245 is still off the air due to a transmitter breakdown. Test
broadcast had scheduled on Aug. 7 but it was not on the air. It is unknown when the broadcast is resumed. (Hayashi)

9810 Vatican R. via Tinang, Philippines, Aug. 6, SIO554, at 1235-1250(S/off) Talk/Hymn in Russian. ID and IS at 1250.
// 11805kHz. (Hayashi)

11665 RTM Wai FM, Malaysia, Aug. 10, SIO343, at 1340-1402(S/off), Quran/Talk/Music in Malay. (Hayashi)

11880 TWR-Africa, Eswatini, Aug. 6, SIO353, at 1532-1545(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Somali. IS at 1545. (Hayashi)

11940 R. NUG via Taiwan. Aug. 10, SIO554, at 1406-1430(S/off). Talk/Burmese music in Burmese. ID at 1429. (Hayashi)

15340 R. Romania International, Romania, Aug. 10, SIO453, at 1435-1458(S/off). Talk/Romanian song in Romania. ID at 1442.
// 11950kHz. (Hayashi)

15550 Voice of Martyrs via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Aug. 6, SIO554, at 1208-1229(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Korean. (Hayashi)

17760 R. Romania International, Romania, July 31, SIO453, at 1245-1257(S/off), Talk/Music in Chinese. 1256 IS. // 15160kHz. (Hayashi)

21670 R. Saudi International, Saudi Arabia, Aug. 6, SIO353, at 1145-1157(S/off), Talk in Indonesian. (Hayashi)

July 2022 

 9380 KTWR, Guam, July 10, at 1215-1245, weekly Sunday Japanese program did not heard today due to a transmitter breakdown.
It expects we can listen the Japanese program on next Sunday. (Hayashi)

 9610 Reach Beyond, Australia, July 2, SIO554, at 1315-1330(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Urdu, ID at 1330. (Hayashi)

 9965 Hope Radio, Palau, July 9, SIO554, at 0940-1004(S/off), Talk/Hymn in English, ID at 0959. (Hayashi)

11560 All India Radio, India, July 2, SIO343, at 1335-1400(S/off), Talk/Indian song in Pashto, ID at 1349. (Hayashi)

13600 R. Pravda dlja Rossii via Moosburunn, Austria, July 2, SIO443, at 1538-1559(S/off), Talk in Russian, ID at 1558. (Hayashi)

13725 The Online Symposium in the UN on the Abductions Issue, June 16, SIO343, at 1200(S/on)-1400(S/off), Live broadcast
in Japanese and English, Remarks by representatives of co-host, Appeal from families of victims, and Pane discussion.
The symposium has closed at 1340, then flowed by classical music (Peer Gynt, Eine kleine Nachtmusik etc.) till 1400.
// 17820kHz, SIO352, with simultaneous interpretation in Korean. (Hayashi)

15640 BBC via Singapore, July 2, SIO554, at 1240-1300(S/off), Talk in English, ID at 1259. (Hayashi)

15750 Mashaal Radio via Thailand, July 9, SIO533, at 1240-1300(S/off), Talk/Local song in Pashto. QRM from CNR on 15760kHz.
// 15365, 12130kHz. (Hayashi)

17850 R. Thailand, Thailand, July 9, SIO333, at 1012-1030(S/off), Talk/Thai song in Thai. (Hayashi)

June  2022  

 9595 Vatican R. via Tinang, Philippines, June 3, SIO554, at 1440-1500. Talk in Hindi, 1449 IS, 1450 ID Talk/Hymn in Tamil,
// 7320kHz. (Hayashi)

11790 R. Liberty via Kuwait, June 10. SIO554, at 1625-1700(S/off). Talk in Uzbek. 1632 ID. // 9920kHz. (Hayashi)

11925 Reng Yaosheng Ghuo 生活的講話広播電台 via Taiwan, June 3, SIO554, at 1140-1200(S/off). Talk/Hymn in Chinese.
1157 their web site announced. This Is new religious radio station in Chinese. (Hayashi)

15230 Deutsche Welle via Dhabaya, UAE, June 10, SIO554, at 1440-1500(S/off). Talk in Pashto, ID 1448. // 6100kHz under KCBS
North Korea. (Hayashi)

15460 VOA via Thailand, June 10, SIO353, at 1520-1600(S/off). Talk/Local song in Hausa. ID 1530. // 17700kHz after 1530. (Hayashi)

15670 Adventist World R. via Nauen, Germany. May 30, SIO353, at 1534-1600(S/off), Talk/Hymn in English, ID 1540. (Hayashi)

17730 Mizzima R. via Dhabaya, UAE, June 11, SIO353, at 1145-1259(S/off). Talk/Music in Burmese. (Hayashi)

17810 BBC via Oman, May 28, SIO454, at 0805-0905, Talk/Local music in Pashto, 0830 Talk/Local music in Dari, 0900 ID.
// 15310kHz. (Hayashi)

May 2022      

9580 KNLS, Anchor Point, Alaska, May 6, SIO453, at 1600-1659(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Russian, ID at 1628. At 1700 s/on with IS and
started Russian program again. (Hayashi)

11620 Voice of the Martyrs, Apr. 18, SIO453, at 1500(S/on)-1530(S/off), Talk in English, ID at 1500 and 1530. Apr. 30, SIO453,
at 1515-1530(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Unknown language (seems to be S. Asian), ID at 1530. May 4, SIO554, at 1500(S/on)-1530(S/off),
Talk in Unknown language. May 7, SIO554, at 1500(s/on)-1530(S/off), Talk in English, after 1507 Unknown language.
Transmitting site is unknown but it is presumed to be transmitting from Madagascar.
According to information from Mr. Jase Jacob of India, VOM will start broadcasting in Dhivehi. (Hayashi)

11900 Reach Beyond Australia, Australia, Apr. 30, SIO353, at 1215-1235, Talk/Hymn in Hindi. (Hayashi)

15030 All India R. India, Apr. 30, SIO453, at 1240-1315(S/off), Talk/Indian song in Swahili. (Hayashi)

15515 Adventist World R. via Dushanbe, Tajikistan, May 2, SIO353, at 1430-1500(S/off), Talk/Hymn in English, ID at 1456. (Hayashi)

15670 Adventist World R. via Nauen, Germany, Apr. 18, SIO353, at 1540-1600(S/off), Talk/Hymn in English, ID at 1555. (Hayashi)

17530 VOA via Botswana, May 2, SIO453, at 1534-1600(S/off), Talk/Pops in English, ID at 1553. //15580kHz. Hayashi)

17730 Mizzima R. via Dhabaya, UAE, May 5, SIO353, at 1230-1300(S/off), Talk/Music in Burmese. (Hayashi)

17780 BBC via Ascension, May 4, SIO353, at 1415-1430(S/off), Talk in Hausa. // 21630kHz. (Hayashi)

17800 Deutsche Welle via Issoudun, France, May 7, SIO353, at 1615-1700(S/off), Talk/Music in Amharic. //15275kHz. (Hayashi)

April  2022    

9330 Voice of Wilderness via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Apr. 5, SIO554 at 1400(S/on)-1500(S/off). Talk/Hymn in Korean.
ID at 1412. Religious broadcast to N. Korea, ex-9380kHz. (Hayashi)

9455 RAE, Argentine via WRMI, Okeechobee, USA, Apr. 2, SIO252 at 0900-0940. Talk/Song in Japanese hosted
by Ms. UEDA Keiko. 0930 in English. On Apr. 9 at 0900 also can be heard Japanese programme with SIO252. (Hayashi)

9595 Vatican Radio via Tinnang, Philippines, Apr. 2, SIO454-443 at 1430(S/on)-1529(S/off), 1430 IS, Talk in Hindi,
1450 Talk/Hymn in Tamil, 1510 IS, Talk/Hyman in Malayalam. // 7320kHz. (Hayashi)

9965 TWR-India via Erevan, Armenia, Mar. 24, SIO353, at 1450-1510(S/off), Talk/Hymn in English, ID/IS at 1455. (Hayashi)

11725 BBC via Oman, Apr. 8, SIO443 at 1440-1500(S/off). Talk in Dari, // QRM from CNR 11715kHz. // 11995kHz. (Hayashi)

11790 R. Liberty via Kuwait, Apr. 9, SIO554 at 1440-1500(S/off). Talk in Uzbek. // 15310kHz. (Hayashi)

11940 R. NUG via Taiwan, Apr. 4, SIO554 at 1410-1430(S/off), Talk/Music in Burmese, ID at 1429. (Hayashi)

13610 R. Romania Int., Romania, Mar. 28, SIO352, at 1330-1357(S/off), Talk/Romanian music in Russian, s/off at 1357 w/IS. (Hayashi)

15510 IBRA Media via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Apr. 5. SIO453 at 1510-1530)S/off). Talk/Hymn in Bengali. (Hayashi)

15530 Adventist World Radio via Madagascar, Mar. 28, SIO554, at 1405-1428(S/off). Talk/Hymn in Swahili, ID at 1427. (Hayashi)

15720 R. New Zealand Pacific, Apr. 2, SIO454 at 0535-0658(S/off). Talk/Pops in English, ID/IS at 0558. In the schedule,
fq. is changed to 11725kHz at 0600 but today it was changed at 0659. (Hayashi)

17530 VOA via Botswana, Apr. 1, SIO353, at 1530-1600(S/off). Talk/Pops in English, ID at 1542. (Hayashi)

17760 R. Romania Int., Apr. 9, SIO453 at 1240-1257(S/off). Talk in Chinese, IS at 1256. (Hayashi)

17790 Vatican R.., Vatican City, Apr. 10, SIO352 at 0840-0930(S/off). Talk/Mass/Hymn in Russian. // 15595kHz. (Hayashi)

March  2022  

5830 Iran International TV via Tashkent, Uzbekistan (presumed), Mar. 11, SIO252, at 1605-1630, Talk/Local music in Pashto. (Hayashi)

5895 IBRA Radio via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Mar. 5, SIO353, at 1515-1530(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Bengali. After 1530 BBC
via Dushanbe can be heard on this frequency. (Hayashi)

9610 R. Romania, Romania, Mar. 11, SIO353, at 1640-1657(S/off), Talk/Romanian music in Arabic. 1657 S/off w/IS. (Hayashi)

9810 Vatican R. via Tinian, Philippines, Mar. 5, SIO453, at 1235-1250(S/off), Talk in Russian 1249 ID. // 7420kHz. (Hayashi)

9955 WRMI, Okeechobee, USA (presumed), Feb. 27, SIO252, at 0645-0700(S/off), Talk in English. (Hayashi)

11990 Deutsche Welle via Dhabbaya, UAE, Feb. 26, SIO454, at 1405-1435, Talk in Dari, 1429 ID, after 1430 Talk in Pashto.
// 5925kHz. (Hayashi)

13730 Oesterreichsher Rundfunk, Moosbrunn, Austria, Mar. 5, SIO353, at 1140-1200(S/off), Talk in German. (Hayashi)

13740 BBC via Oman, Feb. 26, SIO554, at 1340-1400(S/off), Talk in Pashto, 1357 ID, (Hayashi)

15460 VOA via Botswana, Mar. 11, SIO353-252, at 1505-1559(S/off), Talk in Hausa. (Hayashi)

17640 R. Thailand, Thailand, Mar. 6, SIO252, at 0515-0530(S/off), Talk in English. (Hayashi)

17650 Bible Voice via Talata, Madagascar, Mar. 5, SIO453, at 1205-1230(S/off), Talk in English, 1229 ID. (Hayashi)

February 2022 

5990 Echo of Hope, Korea, Feb. 6, SIO443, at 1230-1330, Talk/classical and pop music in Korean, 1300 News, Clandestine to
N. Korea. // 6250, 6348 and 3980kHz. (Hayashi)

7600 Afghanistan International via Erevan, Armenia, Feb. 10, SIO352, at 1530-1605, Talk/Local music in Pashto.
Clandestine to Afghanistan. (Hayashi)

9900 KTWR, Guam, Feb. 8, SIO554, at 1420-1445(S/off), Talk in Unknown language, 1428 IS, 1430 Tal in Kazakh. (Hayashi)

11780 TWR-Africa, Eswatini, Feb. 8, SIO453, at 1505-1530(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Somali, 1530 S/off w/IS. (Hayashi)

11880 Adventist World Radio via Moosbrunn, Austria, Feb. 12, SIO352, at 0620-0659(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Arabic. ID at 0634. (Hayashi)

12140 VOA R. Ashna via Kuwait, Feb. 10, SIO353-252, at 1505-1525, Talk in Dari. (Hayashi)

13865 BBC via Santa Maria di Galeria, Vatican, Feb. 6, SIO252, at 0630-0700(S/off), Talk in English. // 9410kHz. (Hayashi)

15525 BBC via Dhabbaya, UAE, Feb. 12, SIO352, at 0530-0600(S/off), Talk/Music in English. (Hayashi)

15610 Adventist World Radio via Moosbrunn, Austria, Feb. 6, SIO353, at 0703-0730(S/off), Talk/Hymn in French. (Hayashi)

15625 Adventist World Radio via Sri Lanka, Feb. 6, SIO252, at 0145-0159(S/off), Talk in Cantonese. // 12020kHz. (Hayashi)

17750 R. Romania International, Romania, Jan. 30, SIO353, at 0830-0856(S/off), Talk/Romanian song in Romanian,
ID at 0846. // 15430kHz. (Hayashi)

January 2022  

5975 BBC via Oman, Dec. 28, SIO343, at 1602-1640, Talk in Dari, 1630 Talk in Pashto. QRM from OTH and CNR on 5970kHz.
// 7465kHz. (Hayashi)

7390 R. New Zealand International, New Zealand, Dec. 30, SIO353, at 1605-1650(S/off), Talk/Song in English.

7590 FEBA Pakistan via Kishinev, Moldova, Jan. 3, SIO353, at 1530-1545(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Pashto. (Hayashi)

9550 KNLS, Alaska, USA, Dec. 18, SIO443, at 1535-1558(S/off), Talk/Hymn in Russian, ex-9465kHz. (Hayashi)

9955 R. Prague via WRMI, Florida, USA (presumed), Dec. 18, SIO252, at 1315-1400, Talk/Music in English. (Hayashi)

11620 KSDA AWR, Guam, Dec. 18, SIO353, at 1430-1500(S/off), ID in English, Talk/Hyman in Burmese. (Hayashi)

11705 R. Mazaris Samay via Madagascar, Dec. 18, SIO353, at 1500(S/on)-1530(S/off), Talk/Local song in Tigrinya. Clandestine
to S. Sudan. (Hayashi)

11890 KTWR, Guam, Dec. 18, SIO554, at 1405-1427(S/off). By DRM SNR 25-27 dB, Talk/Christmas songs in English, ID at 1427. (Hayashi)

12075 TWR-India via Erevan Armenia, Jan. 8, SIO353, at 1335-1400, Talk/Hymn in Ho, 1345 IS, Talk/Hymn in Bengali. (Hayashi)

13710 R. Manara International, Nigeria (presumed), Jan. 1, SIO252, at 0740-0800(S/off), Talk/Local song in Hausa. (Hayashi)

15145 Adventist World Radio via Moosbrunn, Austria, Jan. 1, SIO353, at 0800(S/on)-0830(S/off), Talk/Hymn in French. (Hayashi)

15680 Hope Radio, Palau, Jan. 9, SIO352, at 0810-0835, Talk/Hymn in English. ID at 0829. (Hayashi)

15690 International Symposium of International cooperation to resolve the abduction issue as a global issue (hosted by Japanese
Government)  via Taiwan,  Dec. 11, SIO554, at 0455(S/on)-0700(S/off). Live broadcast of the Symposium in Japanese, 0455 Music,
0502 Commendation  ceremony for  the essay competition on the abduction issue, 0534 the symposium, Appeal by the families of
the victims of abduction cases  and Panel discussion etc. (Hayashi)

15765 Mashaal Radio via Thailand, Dec. 19, SIO353, at 0655-0805, Talk/Local music in Pashto. // 12110kHz. (Hayashi)