Bobby Vinton in England

In 1990 Bobby's "Blue velvet" was a big hit because of TV commercial.
Besides this song, Bobby's recordings are much welcomed in United Kingdom.


Fontana H307 Little lonely one/Corrine, Corrina('61-7)
London HLU9592 I love the way you are('62)
Columbia DB4878 Roses are red/You & I('62-7)
Columbia DB4900 Rain rain go away/Over & over('62-9)
Columbia DB4961 Trouble is my middle name/Let's kiss and make up('63)
Columbia DB7015 Over the mountain/Faded pictures('63)
Columbia DB7052 Blue on blue/Little things('63-7)
Columbia DB7110 Blue velvet/Is there a place?('63)
Columbia DB7119 There!I've said it again/Girl with a bow in her hair('63-12)
Columbia DB7240 My heart belongs to only you/Warm & tender('64-7)
Columbia DB7303 Tell me why/Remembering('64)
Columbia DB7343 Clinging vine/Imagination is a magic dream('64)
Columbia DB7422 Mr.lonely/Bell that couldn't jingle('64)
Columbia DB7514 Long lonely nights/Satin('65)
Columbia DB7628 Theme from Harlow/Don't go away mad('65)
Columbia DB7731 What color/Love or infatuation('65)
Columbia DB7808 Satin pillows/Careless('66)
Columbia DB8114 Coming home soldier/Don't let my Mary go around('67)
Columbia DB8319 Please love me forever/Miss America('67)
Columbia DB8346 Just as much as ever/Another memory('68-2)
Columbia CBS3484 Take good care of my baby/Strange sensations('68-4)
Columbia CBS3636 Halfway to paradise/Christie('68)
Columbia CBS3897 I love how you love me/Little barefoot boy('68)
Columbia CBS4244 To know you is to love you/Beat of my heart('69-5)
Columbia CBS4451 Days of sand & shovels/So many lonely girls('69-8)CBS
Columbia CBS4910 My elusive dreams/Over & over('70-4)
Columbia CBS5106 No arms can ever hold you/I love how you love me('70-7)
Columbia CBS7221 I'll make you my baby/She loves me('71-5)
Columbia CBS7245 Everyday of my life/You can do it to me anytime('72-4)
Columbia CBS8186 Sealed with a kiss/All my life('72-6)
Epic EPC1136 But I do/When you love('73-2)
Epic 6505240 Blue velvet/Blue on blue('90-8)
Epic 6564677 Roses are red/Ramblin' rose('90-11)
Anchor AB4024 My melody of love/I'll be loving you('74-12)
Anchor AB4047 Beer barrel polka/Dick & Jane('75-4)
Anchor AB4116 Moonlight serenade/Why can't I get over you('76-4)
Anchor AB4140 Lemondrops, lollipops & sunbeams/You've got your mamas eyes('76-9)
Anchor AB4158 Nobody but me/Love is the reason('76-12)

Columbia SEG8212 Young in heart('62)
Columbia SEG8363 Four songs of christmas('64)

Epic 6564670 Roses are red('90)

Epic 6505242 Blue velvet('90)4songs
Epic 6564672 Roses are red('90)4songs
Old Gold 6166 Blue velvet('92)3songs

Columbia 33SX1465 Roses are red('62)
Columbia 33SX1517 Big ones('62)
Columbia 33SX1566 Blue velvet('63)
Columbia 33SX1611 My heart belongs to only you('64)
Columbia 33SX1649 Tell me why('64)
Columbia 33SX1725 Laughing on the outside('65)
Columbia CBS6865 Great movie themes('65)
Anchor ABCL5098 Melodies of love('75)
Anchor ABCL5138 Heart of hearts('75)

Epic 4675701 Blue velvet('90)

Epic 4675702 Blue velvet('90)
Epic 4690912 16 most requested songs('92)
Epic 4871672 Sings"Blue velvet"('97)

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