LN3727(mono)/BN579(stereo)Dancing at the hop('61)
LN3780/BN597 Plays for his li'l darlin's; young man with a big band('61)
LN24020/BN26020 Roses are red(July, 1962)
LN24035/BN26035 Sings the big ones(Dec. 1962)
LN24049/BN26049 The greatest hits of the golden groups('63)
LN24068/BN26068 Blue on blue(Aug. 1963)
LN24068/BN26068 Blue velvet('63)retitled
LN24081/BN26081 There!I've said it again(Jan. 1964)
LN24098/BN26098 Bobby Vinton's greatest hits(Sept. 1964)
LN24113/BN26113 Tell me why(July, 1964)
LN24122/BN26122 Very merry christmas(Oct. 1964)
LN24136/BN26136 Mr.lonely(Dec. 1964)
LN24154/BN26154 Sings for lonely nights(June, 1965)
LN24170/BN26170 Drive-in movie time('65)
LN24182/BN26182 Satin pillows and Careless(Jan. 1966)
LN24187/BN26187 More of Bobby's greatest hits('66)
LN24188/BN26188 Country boy('66)
LN24203/BN26203 Live at the Copa('66)
LN24245/BN26245 Sings the newest hits('67)
LN24341/BN26341 Please love me forever(Dec. 1967)
BN26382 Take good care of my baby(June, 1968)
BN26437 I love how you love me(Dec. 1968)
BN26471 Vinton(June, 1969)
BN26517 Greatest hits of love(Dec. 1969)
BN26540 My elusive dreams(Mar. 1970)
BN26542 Sounds of love (on sax)('70)
EG30431 Love album(June, 1971)2LP
KE31286 Ev'ry day of my life(Apr. 1972)
KE31642 Sealed with a kiss(July, 1972)
KEG31487 All-time greatest hits(Nov. 1972)2LP
PE32921 With love(Nov. 1974)
KEG33468 Sings the golden decade of love(June, 1975)2LP
EG33767 Greatest hits/Greatest hits of love('76)2LP
JE35605 Autumn memories('78)
JE35998 Spring sensations('79)
JE35999 Summer serenades('79)

Columbia Special Products
CSP P15819 Bobby;Bobby Vinton's Greatest hits('81)
Columbia House
6P-6035 Treasury('73)6LP
2P-6266 Many moods of Bobby Vinton; colorful and lonely('74) 2LP
2P-6267 Many moods of Bobby Vinton; in love('74)
HS11402 Vinton sings Vinton('70)
KH30379 To each his own('71)
NU9180 K-tel presents('76)
P15282 Million selling records of Bobby Vinton('79)
P17002 His-heart touching magic('83)

(Complete Bobby album covers)


Epic BN26081 Epic BN26122 Ahed TVLP177604 Curb CRB10606 Heartland HL1028
Epic BN26382 Epic KE31642 TVLP 79054 Epic BN26542 Heartland HL1029


Epic BN26540 Epic KEG31487 Epic KE31286
ABC AB981 Suffolk P19002



Epic BN26035 Epic BN26049 Pickwick SPC3656 Pickwick SPC3553
Epic JE35605 Candlite P15282 Columbia house 2P6266 K-Tel NU9180
Epic BN26098 Epic EG30431 Epic BN26170 Epic LN24245


Epic BN26068 Harmony KH30379 Harmony HS11402 SMSP A15819 Curb CRBD10621
Epic BN26187 Epic PE32921 Epic JE35999 Tapestry TRS1001 Epic BN26203
BVCSoundsAG2341 Epic KEG33468 BMC BMR 2-122

ABCD 851 Melodies of love(Nov. 1974)
ABCD 891 Heart of hearts(July, 1975)
ABCD 924 The Bobby Vinton show(Dec. 1975)
ABCD 957 Serenades of love('76)
AB 981 The name is love(May. 1977)
TVLP177604 Party music('76)
TVLP79054 100 memories('79)
SPC 3553 Melodies of love
SPC 3656 Bobby Vinton('78)
BVC sounds
AG2341 My song('80)

TRS 1000 Encore(Jan. 1980)
TRS 1001 Polka album('81)
TRS 1001 Santa must be Polish(Oct. 1987)

Heartland Music
HL1028/29 Best of/Ballads of love('85)2LP

CRB 10606 Bobby Vinton('88)
CRB 10621 Timeless('89)

Beautiful Music Company
BMR2-122 Bobby Vinton('91)2LP


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