Sheet music on Bobby Vinton

Roses are red/Lyle Music 1961
I love you the way you are/Tobi-Ann Music 1962
Rain rain go away/Regent Music 1962
Let's kiss and make up/Trio Music 1962
Blue on blue/Famous Music 1963
Blue velvet/Vogue Music 1963
There!I've said it again/Valiant Music 1941
My heart belongs to only you/Merrimac Music 1952
Tell me why/Signet Music 1951
Clinging vine/Peter Maurice Music 1964
Mister lonely/Ripley Music 1964
Dearest Santa/Famous Music 1947
Long lonely nights/ARC Music 1957
What color is a man/Screnn Gems-Columbia Music 1965
Satin pillows/Vintage Music 1965
Dum-de-da/Al Galico Music 1964
Coming home soldier/Feather Music 1966
Red roses for Mom/Feather Music 1967
Just as much as ever/Roosevelt Music 1959
Please love me forever/Selma Music 1961
Take good care of my baby/Screen Gems-Columbia Music 1961
Halfway to paradise/Screen Gems-Columbia Music 1961
I love how you love me/Screen Gems-Columbia Music 1968
To know you is to love you/Vogue Music 1965
Days of sand and shovels/Lonzo and Oscar Music 1969
My elusive dreams/Tree Publishing 1967
No arms can ever hold you/Gil Music 1955
I'll make you my baby/Screen Gems-Columbia Music 1971
Christmas eve in my home town/Big Island Music 1951
Ev'ry day of my life/Miller Music 1954
Sealed with a kiss/Post Music 1960
But I do/ARC Music 1961
Hurt/Miller Music 1973
My melody of love/Pedro Music 1974
Beer Barrel polka/Shapiro, Berstein 1975
Wooden heart/Aberbach Group 1960
Midnight show/Don Kirshner Music 1975
Lemondrops,lollipops and sunbeams/Chappel 1976
Let me love you goodbye/Algee Music 1978
I know what it is to be young/Warner Bros. 1992
Melodies of love/Warner Bros. (67p)1975 



To be continued