2019.May.05 GINNENN


2018.Sept.30 physical

2018.Jul.16 Call Me By Your Name

2018.May.06 ARTEMIS

2018.Feb.18 SHAPE OF WATER

2017.Nov.19 Count ZERO/Runners high

2017.Jul.23 Fight Club

2017.May.07 La La Land

2017.Feb.05 Nerf HammerShot

2016.Aug.28 YARD・O・LED

Usual life2016.Feb.21 Usual life

2016.Jan.04 Brothers In Arms

Colorful 2015.Dec.06 Colorful

 2015.Oct.18 GRAY GHOST

seven by se7en 2015.May.10 seven by se7en

Jan 2015.Jan.18 Adrenaline Drive

Genshiken 2014.Aug.31 Genshiken

 2014.Aug.03 Knights of Sidonia

 2014.Mar.30 A Farewell to Arms

 2014.Jan.26 Hardballer

 2013.Dec.23 Chronicle

 2013.Sep.23 Light Rim

 2013.Apr.14 曇天///DONTEN

 2012.Dec.23 Be cornered

120708 2012.Jul.08 Magica

120430 2012.Apr.30 Lisbeth

Uninstall 2012.Jan.07 Uninstall

 2011.Sep.11 Cold Fish

20110703 2011.Jul.03 Super Driver

 2011.Feb.20 Hit Girl

101219 2010.Dec.19 Heavy Armor

 2010.Oct.24 Silent light

0801 2010.Aug.01 Crystal Splendor

100530 2010.May.30 Untitled

100328 2010.Mar.28 Creamy

 2009.Nov.14 Death Valley

 2009.Aug.16 Days - Flow

 2009.Jul.06 the HAND

 2009.Mar.22 Down to Heaven

 2008.Aug.17 Na Ba TeA

 2008.May.11 Flare

 2008.Mar.23 ToRSo 07

 2008.Jan.04 Dark light

 2007.May.06 GARNET


 2006.Sep.18 sunny spot

 2006.Jul.10 self portrait

 2006.May.07 Robe of feathers

 2006.Feb.19 ToRSo_06

 2005.Dec.24 feather of N I K E

 2005.Nov.20 F L F L

 2005.Oct.09 Fog inside

 2005.Aug.28 Blue that feels rough

 2005.Jul.23 うつくしい のはら

 2005.May.29 Place_where_it_snows

 2004.Apr.03 X F - 1 1

 2005.Jan.30 orange_skin

 2004.Dec.12 The girl was gazing at the......

 2004.Oct.31 Blade

 2004.Sep.20 torso_05

 2004.Jul.25 luster

 2004.Apr.04 Fairy of Gothic

 2004.Feb.22 the tip of the spring

 2004.Jan.12 cage

 2003.Nov.24 WINTER GARDEN

 2003.Oct.19 Dancer in the Dark

 2003.Sep.15 GADGET

 2003.Aug.17 ROCK

 2003.Jul.01 hangar

 2003.Jun.01 feathery

 2003.Apr.27 TORSO_04

 2003.Mar.23 brush strokes


 2002.Dec.15 practice

 2002.Nov.06 spectacles

 2002.Oct.06 Alice

 2002.Sep.01 softCream

 2002.Jul.14 resonance

 2002.Jun.02 a witch

 2002.May.05 a LOLITA in black clothes

 2002.Apr.07 J.M

 2002.Mar.10 TORSO 03

 2001.Dec.16 bay area PM3:25

 2001.Oct.21 DRY RUN

 2001.Sep.23 TRAIN-TRAIN

 2001.Jul.29 circle_light

 2001.Jul.01 lost paradise

 2001.Jun.03 monica

 2001.Apr.08 Airtight Garage

 2001.Mar.17 dream dog dream

 2001.Feb.04 ( )

 2001.Jan.13 BORDERLINE

 2000.Dec.24 A Street Corner

 2000.Oct.22 TONG POO<東風>

 2000.Sep.09 birthday

 2000.Aug.20 forest

 2000.Jul.30 Sobreezes are blowing in

 2000.Jul.16 BLUE FISH blue fish

 2000.Jul.02 DAY LIGHT

 2000.Jun.11 age of innocence

 2000.May.21 sweetHARD

 2000.May.05 rain

 2000.Apr.15 TORSO2

 2000.Apr.02 reflection

 2000.Mar.05 tulip

 2000.Feb.19 fujiko-2

 2000.Feb.05 fujiko-1

 2000.Jan.22 TORSO1

 2000.Jan.19 螢/KEI