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YouTube - 日光の社寺<日光霧降グルメ恐〜い和牛一家vs遺跡ゴルフ場反対
2010年9月、日光二荒神社や日光東照宮にて、楽天 世界遺産劇場「日光の社寺」が開催される。

Swedish dangerous house in Japan - スウェーデンハウス危険

Mitsubishi Corporation establishes a joint concern with SWEDEN HOUSE Co.,Ltd. in Sweden.

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COP,DAVOS 2010,Expo 2010 Shanghai China,APEC,Summit --- Everyone of President Obama and other leaders, do you know the destruction of the natural environment of Japan against the global warming prevention ?

Sweden Japan - Bad House Connection, スウェーデンハウス

Are there people suffering from the defective residence in your country? 
There are a lot of victims in Japan.
The defective residence which relates to Mitsubishi enterprise is being prosecuted at this web site.
That is the name of the SWEDEN HOUSE.

Nikko City Sightseeing and the Destruction of Nature Environment - the Destruction of Natural Environment in Nikko City, Tochigi Pref. Japan 1986-2012

The web site is a revision in the "Nature Destruction in Nikko,connected with the World Heritage."
Nikko is famous for the World Heritage "SHRINES AND TEMPLES OF NIKKO" and the Registered Ramsar Wetland "Wetlands of Oku-Nikko".

Mitsubishi Group Matters and Accidents
Report from Japan - human life disregard, defective hiding and statute disregard, etc. by the Mitsubishi group company, such as Mitsubishi Vehicle(SWEDEN HOUSE) etc.   1969-2012

Mitsubishi is the large companies involved in nuclear power plants and munitions in Japan.


Right person - Mr. Kenzaburo Ohe
(Nobel laureate)
Sep. 19, 2011 Tokyo Event "Good Bye Nuclear Power Plant" 60,000 participants.

Promotion's Poster of the Nuclear Power Plant
Science and Technology Agency Current Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) - in Japan

Japanese title - Nuclear Power Plant Gypsy
author - Kunio Horie
publisher - Gendaisyokan
date of publication - 2011

Nikko of Tochigi Pref. is located next to Fukushima Pref. AND Nikko is the Hot Spot of radiation after the nuclear accident on March 11, 2011 in Japan.

Environmental destruction of Mitsubishi in the world
Mitsubishi Corporation and
Bank of TokyoMitsubishi UFJ is the major shareholder of Japan Airlines "JAL".
The JAL developed the golf links on the island of Hawaii in the U.S. and destroyed the tombs and the ruins of the natives.

The latest information of Japanese edition of the table about Mitsubishi Group exposes on Mar. 2, 2012.---click here.
The contents of this web site are based on the information on the Japanese mass media except for the information on the "SWEDEN HOUSE" defective residence. However, they are what the reporter could know.(The Japanese version click here.You are able to know the more detailed contents.)

Report example --- photo in Nikko City

investors and organizers
One of Group,Mitsubishi Motors Corporation /
               The Bank of Tokyo-MItsubishi,Ltd. /

      ---- TOMOKU CO., LTD.
上海中豪紙品加工有限公司 --- Shanghai / CHINA
      ---- HOKKAI CAN CO., LTD.

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YouTube -
欠陥スウェーデンハウス、自然破壊日光!! 怒りの東京銀座「出前」アピール
This is activity of an accusation performed at Ginza Town of Tokyo City in Japan.
The action has a relationship with these site.

STOP NATURE DESTRUCTION on the holly mountain of the world heritage in NIKKO
This animation is photographed around the world heritage in NIKKO.

スウェーデンハウスSweden House欠陥、Japan環境大臣賞カビの家
スウェーデンハウス コンクリすかすか・(結露)3層ガラス回転窓
北欧輸入が泣けてくる! 部屋にも雨ポタ、スウェーデンハウス
These web site 1-3 will show the defectve construction to you - the residence from Sweden in Japan.

* Mitsubishi Estate Co.,Ltd. sells Rockefeller related company in the United States to the Italian investment company in January, 2007.
Mitsubishi Estate sold the condominium of the soil pollution in Osaka City. This fact is disclosed in 2004.
And, the company established SWEDEN HOUSE Co.,Ltd. with Tomoku Co.,Ltd., etc. and so on.
Mitsubishi Corporation establishes a joint concern with SWEDEN HOUSE Co.,Ltd. in Sweden.
Sweden is known as a welfare state and has ever acted as the chairman country of the United Nations.
But, a Swedish ambassador is the advertising tower of the SWEDEN HOUSE Co.,Ltd. which builts and sells defective residence "SWEDEN HOUSE".

SWEDEN HOUSE Co.,Ltd. sold a defective residence to the accuser's building master.
Then, the company didn't do the regular inspection of the contract guarantee for 2 years from 1991 and kept rejecting the repair of the contract guarantee until 1999.
And, the company charged the building master about the additional construction price 7000,000 yen.
But Later The company recognized the fact that about 3000,000 yen was excessive request in the judgment which the company was complained by the building master in 2001.
The defective residence of the company troubles victims at present, too.
They can't enjoy a Christmas and a New Year for a long time.
SWEDEN HOUSE Co.,Ltd. expressed dismantling of this residence in 1999.
But, the company isn't carrying out dismantling at the present in 2007, either.

Therefore, the defective executions of this residence cause the fear of the casualties accident and the fire big terrible accident.
This defective residence "SWEDEN HOUSE" is in Kirifuri highland of Nikko national park of Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture.

Therefore, the wildlife protection area and the World Heritage "SHRINES AND TEMPLES OF NIKKO" are likely to be involved in the fire by SWEDEN HOUSE Co.,Ltd.
You can confirm these facts by Japanese edition with photo. --- click here

By the way, do Sweden and the Swedish people know these fact?
The defective residence of this "SWEDEN HOUSE" is also troubling the victim now.
And defective construction has caused fear of the casualties accident or fire big terrible accident.
The cabinet office of Japan decided the Japanese Emperor and the Empress visit Sweden, the Baltic States - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Britain in May, 2007.
We are worried that the friendship of Sweden and Japan may be spoiled with the defective problem of the "SWEDEN HOUSE".

* We cannot forget Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd. which supports Ashikaga Bank, Ltd.
The company is The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd.
It is because the Ashikaga Bank, Ltd. drove the Tochigi Shimbun into discontinuance with the "Kanuma Country Club "(golf links). This newspaper was one of the press in Tochigi Prefecture . As for the Ashikaga Bank, Ltd. the following facts were clarified by "the Shimotsuke Shimbun" in December, 2004 - doubt of the window dressing settlement on term ended March, 2001, and the rate of equity capital in 1999 was 2.10%, etc.

* The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd. is one of the three top Mitsubishi . Other two are Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
The helicopter and warship of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. are used in the Self-Defense Forces. The defect of these weaponry over a long period of time was published in June, 2004.

* Furthermore, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd.(the old Mitsubishi Bank) is the corporation association member of "Japan Total Club" (*)with TV Asahi Corporation, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., DAISHINPAN(the present APLUS Co., Ltd.)(*), and the Fuji Bank (the present Mizuho Bank, Ltd.).
This club belongs to the group of
COYOU Corporation(*) of a membership system resort company. COYOU Corporation disregarded the opposition from 92% of Nikko citizen, a nature conservation group, etc., and built the golf links-"Nikko Kirifuri Country Club"(*)(*) at the water service source of a stream an Kirifuri highland of Nikko.
Kirifuri highland is the holy mountain of the world heritage shrines and temples of Nikko (Nikko Toshogu, Nikko Futarasan Jinja, and Nikko Rinno-ji), and is in the national park. We keep asking for abolition of "Nikko Kirifuri country club" built here as a Nikko citizen.
* Construction is TAISEI CORPORATION.
      Design editorial supervision is Tsuneyuki Nakajima(professional golfer).
 * "The Destruction of Natural Environment in Nikko, Tochigi Pref. Japan 1986-2009" click here

* It was revealed that Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation had left 2kg of nuclear fuel materials, such as uranium by no permission , in May, 2004.
The company kept hiding no granting a permission for 30 years.

* Recall hiding and defective hiding by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation over and the many years from 1969 were revealed in 2002. Casualties accidents happened.

* Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation exported about 108,000 defective cars to about 70 foreign countries. This fact is disclosed in October, 2005.
The defect of the crack and wheel falling off are disclosed with an improvement hub of the company after October, 2006.
The defect of the crack and a wheel falling off happen one after another about the improvement hub of the company after October, 2006, and it is disclosed.

The human life disregard and defective hiding by the Mitsubishi group company spread in Japan.
Mitsubishi group company has advanced to the countries in the world.
We are wishing people in the world do not suffer damage from the Mitsubishi group company.

Human life disregard, defective hiding and statute ignoring, etc. by the Mitsubishi group company-Mitsubishi Motors Corporation/ Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation/ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries/ Ltd., Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Materials Corporation/ Mitsubishi Electric Corporation/ Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd., etc.
* The contents is based on articles of each paper and each weekly magazine, etc. of Japan. However, They are what the reporter could know.
(The Japanese version
clicks here.You are able to know the more detailed contents. )
* The Japanese version(with photographs) of the Sweden House defective residence clicks here.
Date contents
1969 age Mitsubishi Motors Corporation does not send a defect to the Ministry of Transport(The present Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), and will continue recall (free recovery and repair) hiding and defective hiding after that as long as 30 years.
1990 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was foreseeing breakage of a clutch system and the defective accident (*) in June. However, also after that, the company kept the defective hiding.
* Derailment accident for 92 - 99 years
1991 Sendai Transportation Bureau had pointed out the danger of a bus seat to Mitsubishi Motors Corporation However, the company kept hiding the defect of the seat which generated the accident resulting in injury or death in various places until it became in October, 2004.
1992 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation kept hiding the defect. The breakage accident of wheel hub.
1995 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation kept hiding the defect.
1996 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation recognized, the defect about the clutch system.However, the company did not submit notice [ recall ] and continued "Hidden repair".
1997 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation continued "Hidden repair" and kept hiding the defect.
1998 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation continued "Hidden repair" and kept hiding the defect.
1999 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation continued "Hidden repair" and kept hiding the defect.

In May at Hiroshima, the wheel hub of the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's bus was damaged and a wheel felt out.
In July - AugustIt, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation hid the defect of the bus and determined to report "poor maintenance" to the old Ministry of Transport.
2000 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation continued "Hidden repair" and kept hiding the defect.

July "A lot of claim hiding" incident of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was revealed.
September 3, The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation representative director president  Katsuhiko Kawazoe was carried an apology advertisement on each paper. However, also after this, the company kept hiding the defect.
October In case is the front wheel omission accident which the wheel hub damaged in Kagoshima Prefecture, the selling company indicated the head office (Tokyo) of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in written form "There is a possibility of leading to the serious accident", However, the company disregarded this advice.
To the company which caused the accident, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation told "A wheel hub has wear and the poor maintenance by the shortage of bolting of a nut results", and kept hiding the defect.
2001 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation kept hiding the defect.
January 10, The mother and the children was killed and injured by the omission tire of the breakage wheel hub of  Mitsubishi Motors Corporation at Yokohama city.
However, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation answered "The omission of a wheel is considered as a causes poor maintenance and fault loading" to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
And the company kept hiding the defect.
July A wheel hub breakage was made into the cause of poor maintenance. And Mitsubishi Motors Corporation kept recall hiding and defective hiding.
October 16, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation reported to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport that the cause of the accident was poor maintenance and fault loading and there was no frequent occurrence nature.
And the company kept hiding the defect.
October 19, In Yamaguchi Pref. the frozen trailer of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation went out of control by breakage of a clutch system. And the driver died.
In the same Pref. the car of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation caused the destruction by fire accident. However, the top of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation kept hiding defect of a clutch system.

in 2003 - 2005 is followed.

January 10, In San'yo Expressway of Yamaguchi Prefecture, while GALANT of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation ran, the brake and the accelerator lost their effect. And as for the car, fire breaks out in engine .

There is more detailed information 1969-2012. They are preparing publication. You can ascertain them by Japanese edition.
Newest ・・・on
Mar. 2, 2012 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
(The Japanese version clicks here.You are able to know the more detailed contents. )

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