COP,DAVOS 2010,Expo 2010 Shanghai China,APEC,CITES,Summit --- Everyone of President Obama and other leaders, do you know the destruction of the natural environment of Japan against the global warming prevention ?

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December 2009 -, Golf Akodia - The Goldman Sachs investment group series, manages "NIKKO GOLF PARK HAREL" developed by the destroying the natural environment and unfairness authorization.

Japan is a nation advocating tourism and here the resort is preferred more than natural and environmental protection.
Nikko city of Tochigi Prefecture is the example.
Nikko is well-known along with Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, and there is
the World Heritage "Shrines and Temples of Nikko".
However, holly mountain related these heritages is destroyed because of the tourist resorts, and is built the golf links "Nikko Kirifuri Country Club".

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Nikko Sightseeing and the Destroyed Nature

Photos cases on
Kirifuri Higtland at the foot of "Mt. Akanagi-san".
The construction site example of resort golf links "Nikko Kirifuri Country Club". --- 21 Jul. 1991 The deer that had the habitat followed by development, such as the resort golf links?
                                    --- 9 Mar. 1994

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2010年9月、日光二荒神社や日光東照宮にて、楽天 世界遺産劇場「日光の社寺」が開催される。

欠陥スウェーデンハウス、自然破壊日光!! 怒りの東京銀座「出前」アピール
This is activity of an accusation performed at Ginza Town of Tokyo City in Japan.
The action has a relationship with these site.

STOP NATURE DESTRUCTION on the holly mountain of the world heritage in NIKKO
This animation is photographed around the world heritage in NIKKO.


In Japan
Mitsubishi Corporation etc. import construction materials from Sweden and "Sweden House" is sold.
This residence maker
SWEDEN HOUSE Co.,Ltd. has the problems of construction, etc. and there have been victims.
However, agencies such as Consumer Agency of Japan do not solve the problems.

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Defective Construction Work of Housing in Japan

Photos cases on
Cases of roof damage(Japanese version)
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YouTube - スウェーデンハウスSweden House欠陥、Japan環境大臣賞カビの家
北欧輸入が泣けてくる! 部屋にも雨ポタ、スウェーデンハウス
スウェーデンハウス コンクリすかすか・(結露)3層ガラス回転窓

These site will show the defectve construction to you - the residence from Sweden in Japan.

COP15 --- Everyone of President Obama and other leaders, how do you solve these problems in order to protect the life, property, natural environmental ?

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