Introduction to the fly fishing in Japan

This page introduces you about myself and fly fishing in Japan briefly.
I am sorry but I have written this page only so far. Now I am preparing more pages...

About myself

Handle name:     Caddis   (because I like to use Elk Hair Caddis best)
Birth day:         26, March
Where to live:    Yokohama, Japan

History of my fishing:

  • MY father sometimes took me to the river near by our home to catch many kind of small fishes. Then I came to love fishing, so I went fishing even alone by bicycle to the river, 40 minutes far from my home after that. I spent my childhood to univercity life in Kyushu, that is a south-western island of Japan and has many good trout rivers.
  • In my university life, one day, I went to the river in a mountain, 1 hour drive far from my home. I started fishing as usual, and hit a slightly large and powerful fish than the ones I always caught. The fish was a kind of trout, having beuatifull par marks, living only in a stream of mountain area, called "Yamame" in Japan. That time was my very first experience with the trout. I have been charmed by the trout since that time !
  • Now I live in Yokohama. I went and go fishing to a lot of rivers in Kanto area, to see the trout "Yamame" and the other wonderful trouts.
  • Originally, I did bait fishing only. But now I do fly fishing mainly and sometimes lure fishing also. Fly fishing always show me many basic things in the nature.

  • Other favorite things

      I like to drive 4WD high power car beause I need to go through the road in the maountain area.
      The following is the history of my car life.  
      First  Plerude Low power, but good acceleration in low speed range
      Second   Celica GT-FOUR      High power and accelaration in low and middle speed range, and light and sharp handling
      Famous in rally race as the WRC base car 
      Third Celica GT-FOUR (Second) Better interior than first Celica, but heavier body spoiled its good power and handling a little bit
      Forth Lancer Evolution I Excellent accelaration with high power and light weight body. The WRC base car also
      Fifth Blue Bird SSS Attesa Limited  Heavy body and slightly poor suspension spoiled its power
      Sixth   Impreza WRX Sports Wagon Excellent accelaration, good responce and high level suspention. This is my best car

      Science Fiction

      In my high school life, I read the Mars series and the Venus series of E. R. Burroughs at the first time. Then I read the Conan series of Robert E. Howard, the Lense man and Skylark series of E. E. 'Doc' Smith... many of classic ones. Now I am enjoying the Time Wheel series of Robert Jordan.

    About the trout in Japan

    Mainly, you can fish the following kind of trout in Japan. I would like to introduce you the profile of them briefly.

    Amago          Provided by JILL
    Yamame is originally the child fish of Pink Salmon, that was land-locked. So she lives only in the stream of mountain area. But recently, another one was found, that went down to the sea and grew up to Pink Salmon.
    Both of them are now called Yamame. The largest one is over 40cm.
    Yamame is the most smart fish in Japan. She can find fisherman as soon as possible. And even if you can hide well enough, she may steal the bait off from the hook very quickly. So When you do fly fishing, tagetting to Yamame, you need to go close to her silently, then cast the line gently. And if you can let her rise to your fly fortunately, you need to hook up with good timing.
    A very close species to Yamame lives in Japan as well. She is called Amago and originally lives in western region of Japan. The difference is Amago has red dots on her body, but no such dots on Yamame's body.
    Yamame and Amago has many nicknames. She is called Amenouo in Kansai region. Also, Yamabe in Hokkaido, Enoha and Madara in Kyushu.
    Iwana is very close species to Char that lives in Canada. Originally he lived only in the highest stream of mountain area. But now you can find him at the middle range of the river because Iwana is being released almost everywhere. 
    His size is up to over 50cm. So if you can hook him up, you may enjoy the fight with him. He is not so smart as Yamame, so you may let him rise your fly if you can be hidden from him well enough. 
    Iwana looks slightly different among regions. In Hokkaido, Amemasu is in the river area. Nikko Iwana and Yamato Iwana in Knato and Kansai, Kirikuchi in Wakayama, Goki in Chugoku region.
    Also, He is very humorous trout. I am very fond of him.

                             Provided by JILL
    Amemasu is originally the same trout as Iwana. The landlocked one is called Iwana, and the one who goes down to the sea and grow up, Amemasu. However you can only see native Amemasu in Hokkaido and nothern Tohoku region.
    His character is very close to Iwana. So if you visit Hokkaido, you might be able to catch him easily.

                        Provided by JILL
    Oshorokoma is the close spacies to Iwana. He has a clear red dots on his body. Native one lives only in Hokkaido. I hear she has been getting fewer. So if you visit there an if you have good luck, you may see him. I have visited Hokkaido about 10 years ago and then seen and caught many ones though...
    Itou is the biggest trout in Japan. Big one of him is over 100 cm. Native Itou lives only in Hokkaido, and recently it is hard to see him even in the river where many Itous lives in. So if you visist Hokkaido and catch him, you are very lucky person. 
    Rainbow Trout
    There is no native Rainbow Trout in Japan. She originally came from U.S. So if you have experience of fly fishing in U.S., you have to know her very well. 
    In Japan, Rainbow Trout is released almost everywhere, so it is not so hard for you to enjoy her powerful jump if you find good size of her and cast your fly well.
    Her regular size is about 30 cm. But I know over 50 cm one in the river, and 70 cm in the lake.
    Brown Trout
    There is no native Brown Trout as well as Rainbow Trout. He came from Europe. He is very popular in U.S. and Europe. So if you are a fly fisher, you have to know him.
    In Japan, Brown Trout is released in the limited area like Hokkaido, Lake Ashi, Oshino. So if you want to see him, you need to go there.
    His regular size is about 30 cm. But you can find over 50 cm one if you have a good luck.
    Brook Trout
    There is no native Brook Trout as well. As far as I know, the streem where he lives in is only Yukawa. The river is running slowly through the Senjogahara, that is 30 minitues drive far from Nikko. So if you have a chance to visit Nikko, you will better extend your foot to the river. Then you might be able to see Brook Trout.
    I haer his character is close to Iwana, but more sensitive. So you need to take care when approaching the trout.
    I hope I stand at the river and cast the fly to him in the neer future.
      Special thanks to JILL :-)

    Thank you very much for reading this page to the end. If you want 
    to know moreabout the trouts above and fly fishing in Japan, 
    Please feel free to contact me. I may help you to know a little more about them...
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