Game Console v0.3

"HAppy Playing and Programming on Your own console"

  1. Introduction
    The former version of the game console is downloaded over 60 copies from 9 countries. This encouraged me very much. I have decieded to upgrade the console. The new version is mush different how it looks. With graphical game console face, it looks like system simulation. And with a simple simulation controller with breakpoint and variable watch maneger, debugging hardware and software is much more easier. The new version has these features.
    • Graphical game console face.
    • LCD display & controller that can display bitmap format.
    • Simple breakpoint & value watch maneger.
    • work fine with SystemC-1.2b, SystemC-1.0.1
    • Improved key-pad interface.
    • with retargettable assembler.
    • Many bug fixes on a risc processor model & assembler.

  2. System Overview
    The system consists these parts
    • Processor (SystemC)
    • Game console
    • Simulation controller "intoEyes"

  3. Processor Overview
    _7(under seven) is the main processor of this system. _7 has these features.
    • Harvard architecture.
    • 5 stage pipeline.
    • one system bus.
    • one timer.
    • accepts non maskable exception.

  4. Screen Shot
    rxvt terminal(top left):
    SystemC 1.2B is running.
    GTKWave(middle left):
    GTKWave is a VCD file viewer. You can debug your processor, program or complex hardware/software mixed problem with viewing signal waves.
    Niea game console(bottom left):
    This is a game console itself. 2 buttons are clickable by mouse.
    IntoEyes main_control, watch_panel (bottom center):
    These are simulation controller.
    rxvt terminal(bottom right):
    Report file produced by the assmebler is displayed.
    Xemacs(top right):
    You can write hardware part(top window), software part(bottom window).
    You Shiina gives you an amount of very impressive pictures. Also, Maaya Sakamoto sings so nice and sweet, straights to your soul. Check her new album "Lucy".

  5. About the game
    The game is very simple. An object is falling from the top. You have to catch it by controlling coffe cup. If you miss an object, the game is over. The score is added when you catch the object. If you succeed to catch 4 object, the game is end with the happy message. Of cource, you can program much more exciting games.

  6. To Do
    • generate processor description from specification.
    • create channel using IPC/MPI.

  7. System Requirements
    • Linux (2.2.16), or Solaris 5.5.1
    • SystemC-1.2b, or SystemC-1.0.1
    • Gtk-1.2.x

  8. Download
    Download the source "game_console_v03.tar.gz"

  9. Messages and comments