3DXChange5 Beta Test Report #1
2012.4.8 by Hirospot
MotionBuilder based Character into iClone
Test Movie (wmv:5.1MB)
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By using newly released 3DXchange 5 by Reallusion, 3D characters for Autodesk MotionBuilder (FBX format) are instantly converted to iClone Non-Standard Character.

To experience this advantegious feature, I worked to create one charater with mesh and textures modified from a lesson character which bone names and setup are being made properly.
By doing this, all the details with the character conversion process can be realized and further application in iClone stage as Non-Standard character will be expanded.

This is a report of very basic work process.

Reallusion社から新しくリリーズされた3DXchange5 を使うと、FBX標準フォーマットで出来たオートデスク社MotionBuilder 用の3Dキャラクターを即座にiClone上で動く非標準キャラクターに変換できる。




  Used Tools: 3dsmax 2011-J, MotionBuider7, Fireworks
Ver.1 2012.4.8
Prepared Sample Character for the test: Show textured character テスト用に準備したキャラクター:テクスチャ付き

fig1: Sample character and layer

Confirm the naming of each bones FBX用のボーン各部の名前を確認する

Fig2: Right side bones in the sample character

1) Only right side bones are shown in here.


2) Bone structure and assiged name of the character can be confirmed in the Schematic View.

3) Green colored in the next fig shows the right side bones.

In the 3D tool, by clicking each part in the Schematic View, the associated bone is deactivated at the location.


Precautions: Any Japanese name must not be used in the bone name.

fig2a: Schematic view of the bone structure in the sample character

Confirm the skinning スキニングの確認

Fig3: Confirming skinning work in head part

1) Cofirm the skin envelope
for all bones.

My head part work is shown in the left side.




2) Check for the unwanted weight influence.

3) Correction of the weight can be done on the Skin Weight-Table for each selected vertex.

fig3a: Use Paint Object and Skin Weight Table

Export the character by FBX format キャラクターをFBX形式でエクスポートする。

fig4: FBX Exporting

1) Confirm FBX file format as shown left.

2) Y-up or Z-up can be selected at the Axis Conversion.

3) Binary or ASCII is selected at the FBX File Format. I used Binary.

4) FBX version can e selected.
I used FBX2011.

5) Japanese characters should not be used in the file path.

1) FBX ファイルフォーマットを確認する。

2) 軸変換はY上方向を選択する。

3) FBXファイルフォーマットはバイナリを選択した。

4) FBX バージョンは2011を選択。

5) ファイルパスには日本語を使わないこと。

Fig4a Warning message

Errors and warnings showned at Export stege.


Characterizing operation on 3DX5 beta 3DX5 beta上でのキャラクター化

1) Open the FBX file on the 3DX5 beta.

2) Push 'Convert to Non-Standard' button at Convert to Character area.

1) 保存されたFBXファイルを3DX5上で開く。

2) Convert to Non-Standard'ボタンを押す。

fig5 3DX5 Characterizing Process

3) Characterize Step: Select Presets of Maya Human-IK at Bone Mapping.

4) Push 'Active' button after confirming the Indicator color turned to green.

5) Select calibration among 00_Tpose, head, upper, lower and other Calibrations and actions. (fig5c)

fig5a: Available Presets

3)キャラクタに変換:ボーンマッピング→Presetから’Maya Human-IK’を選択。(fig5a)

4)インディケータの色が緑色になってから、 'Active'ボタンを押す。(fig5b)

5) キャリブレーショ動作の種類を選択し、キャラクターの動きを確認する

fig5b Green Indication for Active ready

fig5c: Calibration and motion

Confirmation of animation アニメーション動作の確認

1) Test any movements by selecting calibration among 00_Tpose, head, upper, lower and other Calibrations and actions. (below)

fig6: 07_Lower03 Calibration and Basic Run

Convert to Non-standard character and Export to iClone iCloneへのエクスポート

1) Push 'Convert' button to make the character to iClone Non-Standard Character.

2) Select 'Export' at Menu / File.

3) Assign Custom Folder of iClone5.2 for the File Destination.

4) Push 'Apply to iClone' button and the FBX character will show up on the iClone 5.2.

fig7: Exporting iClone Content

fig:7a: Apply to iClone button
Motion Creation in iClone5.2 iClone5.2上でモーションを付ける

Many kind of motions can be selected in iClone5.2. Here I tried Motion Puppet in Create Motion area.

1) Select Animation.

2) Push the character, then push Motion Puppet button and select '01_Cheering'

3) Push Record button, then push Preview button.

4) Try Preset button for more body deformations such as lower hips, etc.

fig8: Create Motion in iClone5.2

Making sample video with the new character in the iClone5.2 iClone5.2で新しいキャラクターの動画を作る

1) Now, the new character is used as one of iClone-Non Standard Characters.

2) Add any effects, sound and make attractive movies. Need creativity.

3) Please check the link for my trial movie. (link page)

fig9: test movie (wmv:5.1MB)

3DXChange5 Beta Test Report #1
2012.4.8 by Hirospot