Let's use aluminium frame.            

As a stained glass panel outer frame, a brass frame is popular, however, an aluminium frame is also convenient and strong. Especially, it matches well with a modern design panel. But, if you don't cut and hole it right, it will be bent. Right way is as below.

an aluminium frame bar with a screw-hole inside.  figures in millimeter.
Nine mm inner width suits lead came panel thickness. The bar is 180cm long. For copper foil panels, it is recommended to insert gum-tube or putty as filler.

You assemble cut bars as above. In order to decide each length of a frame easily and accurately, at first, put aluminium pieces of bar to left and right sides deciding length "a" , then put cut "a" bars to up and down sides deciding length "b".

(1)how to cut

draw a line where you want to cut it.

Without cutting a bar at a right angle, assembled frame will be bent. To cut at a right angle by a metal saw, it's better to cut it by three stages. At first, cut one side on the line.

Then, cut another side.

At last, cut the upper side left.

A electro-motive saw, instead of a metal saw, is ideal to cut it accurately and fast.

(2)how to drill

Dot at 5 mm from the bar end on the guide notch line.

Hammer the dot to make a dent.

Drill by a 4mm bit.

a hole made

(3)how to assemble by a screwdriver

After applying a stainedglass panel, drive screws by a screwdriver.
Use no.2 plus driver.

Right is a specific stainless-steel tapping screw which makes screws inside the screw-hole of aluminium bar.
Left is a chain attachment.

Insert a chain attachment which connects a chain.

All is completed by this, easy made without any soldering. It is also easy removed.
You may spray lacquer to change the aluminium color.

(maker: ROUAULT STUDIO  patent-p)

There is a narrow type aluminium bar for a copper foil panel. Please click here.