10. Sacred Water,"Okozui"

One of the many Honmonbutsuryushu's (HBS's) practices is offering water to the altar every morning. The water is a symbol of mercy. This water becomes the "Okozui" which contains the wisdom of Buddha's enlightenment and mercy through the chanting of the Odaimoku. The "Okozui" should be thankfully drunk and is not to be wasted. Throwing it away is sinful.

Is it difficult for us to comprehend that the "Okozui" possesses merits because there is no apparent change in its color or brightness even after the chanting of the Odaimoku.

Is it true that the "Okozui" is not just ordinary water?

Saint Nissen stated; "I have studied and researched many theories of Buddhism as well as the teaching of Saint Nichiren and came to the conclusion that the most important proof lies in the sutra which provides meritorious merits.

The best way to have faith in the "Okozui", which has medicinal value, is by receiving meritorious merits. There are many accounts of meritorious merits received by the parishioners by virtue of the"Okozui".
Following is an account of Mr. Teruto Nakahara's experience as told by Mrs. Nakahara:

"Okozui is a very mysterious medicine. My husband, Teruto Nakahara, age 47, received a phenomenal merit from the "Okozui". I am Eiko Nakahara, wife of Teruto. We are followers of the Kofuji Temple in Kobe, Japan.
"My husband is of allergic physical constitution, and has a weak, sensitive skin. If stung by a bee, it swells beyond description. He had eczema over his head which could not be cured by medication. He said that the condition prevailed from childhood. He tried various medication recommended by pharmacists, but they were all ineffective.

"I prepared him special food in hopes that it might improve his condition, but that did not help either. So, I tried such nourishment pills, such as vitamin C, calcium and other vitamins continuously for several years. It was to no avail.
"I became a follower of HBS in 1987. Two months later, I suggested to my husband that he should visit a hospital to get medication for his eczema because the medical profession has made great strides since his childhood. He complied. The attending physician told him that there was no medication today which could cure his skin condition due to my husband's physical constitution. He was given some medicines which might retard the spreading of the scab and a warning not to apply too much of it. It was of no help.

"A year later, my husband again consulted a dermatologist at a different hospital. To my disappointment, the result was the same as the previous doctor's examination.

"Since there was no change in my husband's scalp condition, I, against his will, had him accompany me to the temple for the morning service one Sunday in June of 1990. By coincidence, the sermon by Reverend Fukuoka was about the merits of the "Okozui".

"I have read many accounts of the merits derived from the "Okozui" by various people in HBS's publications. I have also been told by several parishioners of our temple about their "Okozui"experiences. Even my parents warned me not to treat the power of the "Okozui" lightly. Although I was aware of its merits, I have never drank it after removing it from my altar until today. In the past, I waited on the altar every morning and offered water, but the "Okozui" was poured into a kettle after the prayer ended to make coffee or tea. I am at loss for words to apologize for my past actions.
"In response to my inquiry, Reverend Fukuoka advised me that the "Okozui" can be poured on a gauze compressor and applied to the scalp of my husband's head to cure the condition. It can also be applied to sore spots.

"From that day, I brought home the "Okozui" from the temple and applied it to my husband's head. I even had him take a bottle of "Okozui" for lunch in lieu of tea. I also told him to stop taking any medication from the hospital. A month passed with no apparent visible change. I told myself, "Ah, even the "Okozui" could not help. There is no cure for him during his lifetime". However, I continued to apply it to his head.

"Two weeks later, my husband came home and said, " the scab condition appears to be improving". I answered, "It's unlikely. It's only your imagination". A week later, he said, "I am going to the barber". "Ah. Don't. You will not be able to go to the temple with a short haircut". "Not so. It is completely cured". You're joking". " It's true, it's true. I am going to the barber for a haircut".

"Returning from the barber, he looked truly exhilarated. His scalp had cleared up. It was the color of a normal skin. I was completely taken aback. It was completely cured, and we, momentarily, broke into laughter and tears. We were blessed and very thankful for it.

"My husband, who would not go to the temple alone till then, went to a"Oko"service for the first time on July 22, 1990 on his own accord. He appears to be in better spirits these days and his work is progressing smoothly.

As stated above, the"Okozui"possesses a medicinal value and a powerful energy of mercy. Make it a habit to drink it every day. The Odaimoku filled "Okozui" tastes much better than ordinary water.

Saint Nissen said: "I drink 'Okozui' every day. I also apply it to sore spots. One will be blessed with miraculous energy by drinking the"Okozui"with a sense of reverence.

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