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Locus of years 10 HBS Sri LankaiVideo)



@There are many religious organizations whose faith stemmed from the teachings of the Great Master, Saint Nichiren. Among those, Honmon-butsuryushu(HBS) is the only sect which propagates the true teachings of Saint Nichiren and practices its faith.

Until now, only a few people in other countries were aware of HBS. This was primarily due to our limited resources in providing the teachings of HBS in other languages. After the introduction of HBS web page in English on the internet, I have been receiving all types of inquiries from all over the world; i.e.; the United States, England, Italy, India, Sri Lanka and other countries. In orderto meet the needs of the people, I have made this web page in the hope that it will lead many more people to this faith.

Mr. Tadatoshi Izumoto, a parishioner of Kokunji Temple in Fukuoka; Mrs. Hisao Muto, a parishioner of Josenji Temple in Tokyo and an instructor of English at the Hosei University; Ms. Julie Izumoto, a parishioner residing in California and Mr. Marc Strumpf, a parishioner residing in Maryland, USA, have provided support in this project. I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to them.



Honmon Butsuryushu


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