Name of OrganizationLalupate association
Address3-5-5-103, Harumidai, Sakai-shi, Osaka 590-0113
Tel (Fax)0722-93-0972(0722-93-0972)
Name of RepresentativeYOKOYAMA HIDEYO
PurposeThis association helps Nepalese children who would
be unable to attend school because of poverty to do so.
The association also trains women in knitting to support their self-reliance.
Main Country(ies)of operationNepal
Type of SupportEducation, Vocational Training/Technical Instruction
Message from the NGO
We liked Nepal and had visited there many times. The magnificent Himalayas and the children's sparkling eyes always welcomed us. We were attracted by their smiles, which were the kind of smiles that are rarely seen in Japan. We also recognized the hardship and poverty they must endure. We heard the grieving of a mother who, because she was illiterate, had given her child the wrong dose of medicine and worsened the child's condition. We were teachers in an affluent country, Japan. We wondered what we could do for Nepalese children and reached the conclusion that we should help as many children attend school as possible.
We traveled mainly in winter. Although few plants were flowering in this season, lalupate (poinsettia) flowers were seen in the garden of every home. The red color of lalupate together with the white Himalayas was very impressive. Thus, we named this association the "Lalupate association" and determined to support these children with a passion that is associated with the color of this flower. The Lalupate association started with five members in 1996 and now has 72 members and is supporting 40 children.