absentminded my sugar

absentminded my sugar
like a sweet sweet mist of wine
you’re the sweetest intoxicant to me
intoxicating like the shadow o DEBUSSY

absentminded my sugar
you are a solitary forlorn star
   in a lazy afternoon I sat by your side and
   watched you sleeping
has any ever turned you on ?
or have you already heard the siren’s song ?

absentminded my sugar
my heart’s slowly fallin apart
   you’re the sweetest intoxicant ever
   I never thought I could reach your core
you remind me of my sister’s drowsy cat
I want to know what those eyes are staring at

absentminded my sugar
says he likes to stare at the sun
“because each and every thing turns white,
   every colour & shape in my sight.”


we fly up with the flowline of melody
you fell into the bright sunlight
the big red flames collided

the rain clouds
so quickly they move in the flowing air
see them cast the shadow across the field
and feed the dry land with caressing rain

when the dewy grasses exhale in the shadow
the wind will blow the clouds away
I’ll take some nap till the shadow fade into light

when the dewy grasses exhale in the shadow
I’ll be aware of the scent that veils me
the scent that brings the whole world into sleep

we feel the things we’ve never felt
they can’t be seen like the truth
we can’t see them like the truth

Silver Clothes

Shining silver drink
踊ってる はじける
then all the notes start shining

white out いつまでも 見ていたい

black light, white out
silver room, intoxicated

going down, going round
with silver notes, in my sight

君のTシャツの 銀の少女が
踊ってる 残像
cool cool as alcohol

white light いつまでも 消えない

life vanish into the light
getting numb, sinking deep

shiny drink, is burning
on my tongue, falling glass


目を閉じ 指置くの

君の目に 星がまわる

目を閉じ 指置くの

溶けてく 甘い音
私の目に 星がまわる

聴きたいなあ your candy voice
触れたいなあ your rainbow heart

開けたいなあ(your rainbow eyes)


ひろがる 甘い音
君の目に 星が踊る

世界中の 夜に光る
明かり集めて あたためたい

your candy voice
your candy eyes
your raibow eyes

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