Luminous Orange "Soar, Kiss The Moon"

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"Soar, Kiss The Moon"

1. Das Experiment 2. Little Girl, Dancing 3. Nightwalking 4. Sore, Soar, Soir 5. Tigerlily Mixolydian 6.Coarse Linen 7. Braque's Bird 8. Kissing The Moon 9. Glenn Smith 10. Slaughterhouse

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Here are some of the instruments played in the new album.

Fagotto Oboe(played by Aya Naito)
Tenor Sax (played by Yousuke Enoki)
Repiniki Surdo (played by Jumpei Yamamoto)
Guitar noise (played by Katsuta Yanagawa)
Contrabass ( played by Hideki Kawase)

Luminous Orange : Rie Takeuchi

- songs, words, arrangements, electric guitars, acoustic guitars classic guitars, voices, keyboards, programming, percussions, recordings(overdubbing), etc.

Guest musicians

Kensuke Nishiura
- drums
Hideki Kawase - electric bass, contrabass
Takehito Kono (LAGITAGIDA) - electric bass
Jumpei Yamamoto (LOOLOWNINGEN AND THE FAR EAST IDIOTS, PRAHA DEPART) - drums, percussions
Ito Hayashi - extra voices
Katsuya Yamagawa (CAUCUS) - electric guitars
Kumiko Saito - flute
Yoshida Yohei (Yoshida Yohei Group) - alto saxophone
Wakana Ikeda (Yoshida Yohei Group) - flute
Aya Naito (Yoshida Yohei Group) - oboefagotto
Yousuke Enoki (Yoshida Yohei Group) - tenor saxophone
Masako Ogawa - conga

Technical data

Basic recordings(drums, bass, surdo, repiniki):
Livehouse Fever, Setagaya, Tokyo
Sign Music Studio (Miura city, Kanagawa)
Overdubbing(percussions, horns, classic guitars)
Tsubame Studio (Asakusabashi, Tokyo)
- Yui Kimijima(Tsubame Studio

Overdubbing(electric guitars, acoustic guitars, voices, castanets, tambourine, iron pipe, conga, shaker, etc.) :

Caramel Pot
Studio Spot(Asahiku, Yokohama)
Hino's Studio(Meguro, Tokyo)
- Rie Takeuchi

Overdubbing (electric guitars) : Noise for Understanding
- Katsuya Yanagawa

Yui Kimijima (Tsubame Studio)

Golden Mastering (Ventura, CA)

Produced by Luminous Orange

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