Luminous Orange Demo Of The Week

these are home-recorded demos of our versions are already released on our albums.

as these are just demos to improve each song and arrangement,there are some(many?) mistakes.
but there are just working proofs so please enjoy these in comparison with studio versions.

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6/17/2004 up
this song was released on "luminousorangesuperplastic" in 1999.this demo was recorded in autumn 1998.
3.9MB MP3
Another Sick New World

6/4/2004 up
this song was released in 1998 on our 3rd album called "Sugarcoated".
on the released version,electric guitars arpeggios in the last part was
replaced by electric sitar.this demo version was recorded in spring 1998 on digital 8 track recorder.
3.7MB MP3
Teach These Souls To Fly

5/13/2004 up
this song isn't previously released.recorded in autumn 1992 with original 3 members on cassette 8 track recorder.
we made only 20-30 copies at that time,and we already lost its master tape.
3.8MB MP3
Silver Clothes

4/30/2004 up
"silver clothes" was released in september 2000 on the maxi single called "luminousorangesugarplastic".this demo version was recorded in autumn 1999 on digital 8 track recorder.
4.4MB MP3
How High

4/21/2004 up
"How High" was officially released on "Drop You vivid Colours" in November 2002.this demo version was recorded in spring 2001 on Windows 98 PC,using "Logic Gold 4.0".later i came up with adding the arpeggio on the instrumental part,so i added it on the studio version.3.5MB MP3