Show Report
Purrpals Precious Pearl of Marins

Photo ; Torakichi (M,Ohtoh; Sanx Cattery)
Blue cream lynx point female
Date of Birth 5/5/2001
Breeder: Christee Prout
Owner: Mihoko Mori - Christee Prout
Sire:  GRC Plush-paws Mega Stripes of Purrpals (German Import)
Dam:  GRC Purrpals Precious

Nov/3-4/2001,Tokyo Japan
Kayoko Koizumi LH Best Kitten
Yayoi Satoh AB 5Th Best Kitten
Teruko Arai AB 10Th Best KItten
Yoshiko Sada LH 4Th Best Kitten
Bess Higuchi AB 5Th Best Kitten
Yukoi Aida AB 5Th Best Kitten

Pearl made its brilliant show debut.
She did get "Best Kitten in Show"and six rosettes.I excite very much and was happy.
However, Pearl was the first show, it was very ill-humored.
I was not able to take her cute photograph.

Pearl of Benching

Koizumi Judge ; Best Kiteen in show!!
Koizumi Judge is the top breeder of Persian in Japan.

Higuchi Judge

It looks like the armadillo.......
Aida judge is smiling bitterly.

.Arai Judge

Nov/24-25/2001,Tokyo Japan
Yoshiko Sada LH 8Th Best Kitten
Kazuko Akiyama AB 5Th Best Kitten
Yayoi Sato AB 8Th Best Kitten
Yukio Aida AB 8Th Best Kitten
Aki Tamura LH 4Th Best Kitten
Kayoko Koizumi AB 5Th Best Kitten

Tamura Judge which became Mamy recently looks round.

Aida Judge is always a gentleman.

Dec/1-2/2001 Osaka Japan
Yoshiko Sada LH 6Th Best Kitten
Kayoko Koizumi AB 4Th Best Kitten
Kazuko Akiyama AB 6Th Best Kitten
Teruko Arai LH 4Th Best Kitten
Ayumi Ueda LH 7Th Best Kitten
Yayoi Sato AB 8Th Best Kitten
Yoko Imai AB 8Th Best Kitten
Midori Shimada LH 3Th Best Kitten
All Rings Final in!!

I was not able to go to this show because of work. However, Miss.Torakichi acted as the agent.
Although she was the breeder of short hair, she did her best very much.
Thanks to Miss.Torakichi, it is all rings final in show!!

Dec/15-16/2001 Tokyo Japan
Kazuko Akiyama LH 3Th Best Kitten
Bess Higuchi AB 7Th Best Kitten
Midori Shimada AB 5Th Best Kitten
Teruko Arai LH 8Th Best Kitten
Robert Bradshaw AB 4Th Best Kitten
Yukio Aida AB 9Th Best Kitten

Pearl can relax at last and can enjoy show now.

Robert Bradshaw Judge was said "Good Himalayan!".

Shimada Judge is the breeder of my love son's SHIROPYON.

Aida Judge said too,"It became a good Himalayan".

Dec/22-23/2001, Yokohama Japan
Kayoko Koizumi AB 5Th Best Kitten
Kenji Takano LH 4Th Best Kitten
Derrell Newkirk AB 3Th Best Kitten
Lorna Malinen AB 4Th Best Kitten
Gary Veach AB 2Th Best Kitten
Yaeko Takano AB 6Th Best Kitten

The last show of kitten came at last.
The count of kittens was 48 and was a severe battle.
The count of Himalayan's kitten was 6, We shared very pleasant time.
Pearl got the high score and it became the big present of Christmas.

As for this photograph, Kunio Mori Judge pushed the shutter of my camera.
He is called "Chanan" in Japan. I was crying for " free request!".

Takano Judge is Director of Japan Region.

Lorna Malinen Judge


Derrell Newkirk Judge which became Santa Claus; 3th Best Kitten

Gary Veach Judge is the highest score this time. Pearl received 2Th Best Kitten.

Because we had many showings by the hard travel from Fukuoka to Tokyo, I and Pearl were very difficult.However, since we got cooperation and many cheers, we were able to finish the wonderful show of kitten.I am thankful to everybody.Christee of breeder was very happy whenever I reported the show result, and she encouraged us.
If you meet us at the championship, please speak freely.

FEB/23-24/2002 Osaka Japan
A champion get!!
Pearl got 8 winners ribbons in this show.
As for the color of blue-cream lynx point, it is in Japan yet only about one.
It was very lucky.

Ueda Judge