My Aerials

CLP5130-1, 21elements, Log-periodic array, 50-1300MHz

APS-13, 13elements, Log-periodic Yagi bandpass antenna, 88-108MHz

LS30, plenty of elements, Yagi, UHF

412C14, 15elements, Yagi, chJ4 – chJ12

My Equipments for V/UHF DXing

stereo tuner, KT-3050(Kenwood),TU-519(Sansui,analog tuning), XG-500(Aiwa), T-4711(Onkyo),

tv system IC-R7100 / TV-R7100J / D100,

VCR&Video monitor, VT-1418M(Sharp),

scanner IC-R8500, IC-R7000,

Digital Multi-Meter, KT-2010(Kaise),

Handmade audio filter /800herz peak.

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