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(L)chC3, Zhuzhou TV, Hunan prov. CHN ,     (R)chC3, Hebei TV , Hebei prov. CHN
1st Dec.'03
due to Es 2001

For the DXers in the mainland China, Taiwan and Korea;
"TV-FM DXing Guide 2006" Issue  NEW

"TV-FM DXing Guide 2006"(in Japanese, pages 211) is issued from JVUDXC on 1st May 2006. This book is the one that has been issued aiming to open the all reception informations and the domestic the TV, FM broadcasters listing etc to the public, and the use of the TV-FM DXers in Japan.

By the way, We decided the starting to sell for the DXers in the mainland China, Taiwan and Korea. we thought that despite using in Japanese on this publications,  the DXers in Mainland China, Taiwan and Korea can understand the contents. because there are the characters mainly arabic numerical(ex.89.1MHz) and Kanji/Hanzi(ex.電台) in it and I noticed that they are interested in the TV, FM broadcating in Japan.

"TV-FM DXing Guide 2006" is edited the two chapters, one is the reception listing and the other chapter is the domestic TV, FM, STL, MW lists. The reception listing on TV and FM station inside and outside the country after 2001 is arranged separately by classification by countries and the propagation modes(grand wave, meteor scatter, radioduct, F2/Es/TEP), and it is useful for chapter of the reception listing to know what kind of DX can receive it. The chapter of domestic TV, FM, STL, MW lists sorted by frequency and by transmitter site area. Also there are the address of the All stations. Moreover, special contribution "TV-DX of the terrestrial digital broadcasting and watch the test tranmitting(in Japanese)" is also described.

The mainland China, Taiwan, and South Korea inquires 2,000yen with air shipping expense contains. If you need more informations, you can send email to  me, and refer to the page for details.

HUKUNAGA, Mituhiro "Mitu", 3.Jun.2006

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