Klein deals the problem of inside and outside in architecture.
We thought that any part of the building site should attend on this game of in and out. At first the building site is enclosed by the canvas wall on the site line.
Next the outside space is arranged in the [spiral portion]. This spiral portion contains 4 gardens, parking, approach for entry, bathroom and kitchen. These space have anything to do with wind of outside.
Along this spiral belt wind blows through all its length.As result of the operation above, the rest of the building site becomes inside.
But the most important matters here are that inside and outside are not decided only from this game. Boundary of the surface of in and out are made of the transparent glass.
It depends on the way of dwellings of the clients and appearance of nature. In other words, the functions of rooms are decided without intention of planning. They are done by chance or by the rule of this game.
The names of rooms are just decided after the fact. And also on inside and outside. The project Klein is not simply a building but the device to distinguish in and out.