FLAMINGOは国道と鉄道高架に挟まれた、喧騒な都市状況の中にそびえ立つ、各々の建築面積わずか20㎡程度の小さな建築のペアである。 敷地面積が小さい為に必然的に空間は垂直方向、すなわち断面計画への関心へ移ってゆく。
また、あまりに小さな床面積の為に、階段室のようないわゆる「通過点」が、浴室や洗面室、あるいは、書斎としても利用される。 私は東京のような異常な土地価格の場所では、こういうプログラムの在り方もひとつあるのではないかと考える。いつも、その用途の部屋の広さや形を考えてからそれをパズルするのではなく、部屋配置は「ルール」設定に対して、事後的に「たまたま良さそうだ」程度の方法で決定されるというやり方。
そうすることで、住まい手の行為は建築家の決定したプログラムにあまりきつく縛られることがなくなり、より自由になる。 こうしてFLAMINGOは驚くほど小さいながらも、その裸の躯体は、周囲の醜悪な都市環境の中で一歩もたじろぐことなく必死に立ちつくしているように見える。

 FLAMINGO is a pair of small architectures each only having a built area of 20 m2, rising in a boisterous city environment between a national highway and an elevated railway.
 A small building plot means that the interests regarding the space are inevitably drawn up vertically, that is, toward the cross-sectional design.
 The "rules" here is a configuration using a "cross-sectional C-shape" frame. Making "cross-sectional C-shape" frames which differ slightly in the vertical direction to face one another generates not only the floors to serve as living space, but also generates openings and vaulted ceilings. Such architectural components are not intentionally created, rather, they naturally arise from setting the "rules". For example, all openings except for the two escape openings are generated purely from these "rules".
 Also, due to the extraordinarily small floor area, "passing points" such as the stairwell are also used as the bath, lavatory, study, and so forth. Such a program should be a viable option in areas where land prices are prohibitively high, such as Tokyo. Instead of conceiving the size and shapes of rooms according to how they will be used, and then working out the puzzle of how to realize them, this method for room layout first sets the "rules", and then later decides which space will become which room, with no more than "it just happens to look right". This allows the actions of the dweller to be freer from the program laid down by the architect.
 While FLAMINGO may be astonishingly small, its naked frame appears to be standing tall and unyielding in the throes of the surrounding urban ugliness.