FUNES intentionally overturns the conventional Japanese housing program of "pluming to the rear". Whoever decided that the living room and bedroom are served space and the bath and kitchen are servant space? FUNES eradicates the warped lifestyle program controlled by this dry functionality, and flattens out the lifestyle air, to create an enriched lifestyle atmosphere full of discoveries from the reverse.
This attempt was at first a simulation within an audio-visual space, using electronic equipment. The quest: "how to create new communication with architecture"? The fruits harvested therefrom have been translated into a realistic audio-visual space in FUNES.
The man of the house actually reads detective novels in the glass-walled bath while conversing with his wife cooking in the adjacent kitchen.
Another feature of FUNES is the triple-nested glass structure. Complex reflections and transmission of light through and off of transparent glass and translucent glass which differ from place to place makes the change in the room even greater. The east wall (morning sun) only has narrow slits, while the west wall (afternoon sun) is entirely glass plated. The difference between the morning and after noon light pass through the tri-layer glass, and create one unintentional scenery after another within the rooms.


リビングや寝室がServed Space(主人)で風呂やキッチンがServant Space(僕)である、などと一体誰が決めたのだろう?そういう乾いた機能にコントロールされた、片寄った生活のプログラムのヒエラルキーをなくして、もっと生活の空気をフラットにすることは、逆により豊かで発見的な生活の空気を造り出すのだ。






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