Shifu-jukuk karate(English page)

Shifu-juku KARATE

A scholarly junior college belongs to the All Japan Karatedo Federation Wrestling Club. It is recognized by both JOC and the body cooperative.We started to participate in tournaments such as the point rules of Renbukai, Koushiki karate (shield surface made of plastic, torso, point system by wearing supporters on limbs), globe karate, full contact karate.At Kitajima Dojo, we will focus on forms with Karate with Point reles and Full Contact Karate, we will also focus on the rules of WKF and we will guide you.

On Friday and Saturday, there are instructors and students who can speak English.
Also, Ikebukuro Dojo has instructors who can speak English.
Please do not hesitate to consult us.



JRChuo-LINE・Asagaya St.from 12min/walk、Marunouchi-LINE South Asagaya st.from 6min/walk

2nd,4th,5th Tuesday Boys (6y~16y) Adult 17:30~19:00
Every Friday   

Kids(3y~5Y) 17:00~18:00

Boys(6y~16y) 18:00~19:45
Adult 19:45~21:30

Shinomiya-Dojo (MAP

Shinomiya-Dojo (MAP
SeibuShinjuku LINE Iogi St、Kamiigusa St From10min/walk

Every Wednesday  senior 14:00-15:00 Kids(3y~5Y) 15:00~16:00
Boys(6y~12y) 16:00~18:00 Adult 19:00~21:00

Every Saturday Kids(3y~5Y) 9:00~10:00

Boys (6y~12y) Adult 10:00~12:00


IKebukuro-Dojo MAP

 Every Tuesday Boys (6y~16y) Adult 20:00~21:00