Traditional Japanese Confectionery


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Sakuraya has been cherishing our own

tradition only for making wagashi since

founding in 1850. We have applied

traditional handmade tequniques to make

sweets with all our hearts instead of using

machines and have presented our

representative wagashi, gIBO NO AYUh to

the Imperial Court as a tribute of the 50th

anniversary of the gMEIJI-JINGUh shrine

in 1958.



Traditional japanese confectionery   IBO NO AYU





Wagashi are traditional Japanese confections that has been

taken over since a long time ago and represent various flowers

and the cycle of the seasons. One of wagashi's great

fascinations is handmade. The fascination of the handmade

represents the five senses, what confectioners feel to the


Confectioner's thinking and feeling change the colors, shapes

and sizes variously. It is like the craftmen's personalities of

paintings and crafts. That is the reason why wagashi is called

arts. At the present day that is said to be lost the seasons

from urban life, feeling the cycle of the seasons in one's own

 backyard and savoring sweets confectioners make with their

whole hearts are the best luxury.             






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