TOLEDO report(2) 
   2004/10/30-11/3 (3nights in Toledo/Ohio State/USA)
  NAGOYA 13:20==(Northwest#72)==11:25 DETROIT12:30---Dr.Hoover---13:30TOLEDO

  We went to Toledo from Detoroit Metoroporitan Airport by Dr.Hoover'car. It is windy.
In the evening we went to Tony Paco' restaurant.
Many people crowded
and were enjoying themselves the day before Halloween.
Today is the last day of the daylight saving time.
With host family(Bill & Marie)
In the morning we went for a walk
Very beutiful campus.
We could see American Foot Ball Game
in junior hight school.

11/1(Man.) The Signing Ceremoney
With "sakura tree" that we sended it.

8:30 Mrs. Atsuko Cumming picked us up
and took us to breakfast(japanese foods)at her house,
President Votes
Bush or Kelly
Toledo11:00===12:00Detoroit Metoroporitan Airport

  TOLEDO report(1)
  2002/10/12-17(4nights in Toledo/Ohio State/USA)

  NAGOYA 15:35==(Northwest#72)==13:30 DETROIT---Mr.Duncan---TOLEDO

10/13(Sun.)   with Host Famiry(Mr.&Mrs. Pawlak)
We went to A Pumpkin Farm in the morning, & we went to the "Apple Butter" Festival
in Gran Rapid near Toledo in the afternoon.  I had a wonderful day.
10/14(Mon.)  We visited Bowsher High School.

We had a meeting with the Principal & Kristi at
our cultural exchange.
Japanese language class:Cheerful Students
10/15(Tue.)  We visit Byrnedale J. HS in the morning, in the afternoon we went to Toledo Musium
and Zoo. And we enjoyed our Last Night Diner in Chinese Resturant.

2002 10/12-17 Toledo, Ohio in USA
Toledo is the sister city of Toyohashi.

We visited Bowsher Hight School in Toledo and had a meeting
about our cultural exchange.
We are making plans for our students to visit
the School next
14 students applied, but we can only accept 5.
We hope that they will have a wonderfullexperience.
Bowsher HS's students will visit our school next year.
We are looking forword to seeing them.