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open from November 1, 2000, last revise February 2013.

Daffodil. Photographed on February 1, demonstrated on January 2006.>
I am a retired Japanese physician 80 years old suffering cerebral infarction. For the purpose to check my homepage by myself, I put <a href=a plant near our apartment which will be changed monthly. From October 2011, Biglobe has changed his soft and it makes many troubles to uploading my homepage.
Anyhow my main interests of these days are following three, specially the last one - Judo for exercise although I can nothing after the attack of infarction.

First one is concernig with my past occupation.
I have spent as a radiologist for about 40 years, initially started from radiotherapy and surgery, then nuclear medicine. And for last 20 years in diagnostic radiology including intervention.
Throughout my physician's carrier, I had been always besides the patients, which would be now never permitted to the radiologist in recent superspeciality separation.
It is impossible for me to act as an active radiologist or physician, but probably I will be able to act as a good second opinion consultant in the field of medicine, specially in the fields of radiation hazzard and cancer treatment.

Second one depends on my private experience.
I had been obliged to take care of my mother who had been physically and later mentaly handicaped for about last 5 years of her life.
It was very heavy task for my family to nurse her, specially to my wife who had worked hard in this case as a key person and I was told how I was ignorant for the care of the old.
After I have retired and at the same time my mother has died, I have started to learn about the nursing for the terminal life care which is not taught in physicians curriculum.
I have got the lience for care of aged person and terminal care.
Of course, it is difficult for me to act as an active patients helper because I am already aged, however I will be a good advisor in this field.

Last and most interesting and important work is to promote Judo for exercise or Fitness Judo which is different from Sport Judo.
I had been a Judo player during my student life, but after that I had no chance to play Judo for about 40 years.
5 years ago, I had a chance to play Judo again mainly with children in the local sports center.
By the careful and gradual training from the instructors of this class, I am gradually able to play Judo.
In 2000, I had a chance to attend at the 2nd World Master Athlete Judo Championships held in Canada and fortunately and luckily I got the gold medal in M8-66 class(age between 65 and 69 years old and weight under 66kg).
In 2002, I got the silver medal on the 4th Championships held in North Ireland in M9-66 class(age between 70 and 74 years old), and also the silver medal in "kime-no-kata".
Last year the 5th Championships had been held in the Kodokan, Tokyo. The detail of this event, you will find in the home pages of the Japan Masters Judo Association, click the top of this page.

Now I am trying to popularize the Fitness Judo exercise, which should be safe and suit for general physical exercise and different from the Sport Judo. I hope more people enjoy Judo through the experience of Fitness Judo.
Fitness JUDO orJUDO for health or JUDO for exercise is aimed
for aged persons refresh and enjoy aged life and prevent from aged troubles,
for adult ladies prevent from adult diseases and make a healthy and younger body,
for children elevate a good emotion and make a sound body.

I hope you find a good English name for these Judo, in Japanese I am naming
"kenkou-Judo" for general which is suggested by Mr.Dan Smith of WMAJF as Fitness Judo,
"silver-Judo" for aged persons'
"mamasan(mammy)-Judo" for adult ladies'
"wanpaku(kids)-Judo" for children.

We had been enjoying this Judo exercise or Fitness Judo, fit for every candidate, male and female, from beginner to athlete, from children to aged person, every Wednesday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm at Shibuya-ku Sport Center(03-3468-9051) in Hatagaya.