3DXchange5 Pipeline Test Series 8: MMD Dance Props
2012. 8.24 (Revised 2013.1.3) by Hirospot (Personal Site)
Simple way to bring MMD Dance into iClone.
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Live Animation
(English and Japanese)
LiveAnimation(Beta 4.30) by Dreamfactory comes with FBX Export.

By using LiveAnimation, MMD character is imported to 3DXchange5 Pipeline by FBX format directly without losing movement generated in the LiveAnimation.

As no characterization is needed in the 3DXchange, iClone5 can preview all the original performance of the character in the screen as Dance Props.

iClone Standard Characters can dance with the same dance motion.

Preparation of character file.
1.1 Prepare the chracter file with English Name.

Grateful for the use of YUXURIHARA INORI created by KAKOMIKI.
Character File
1.2 Copy the model file into the TGA folder to open character model with textures.
Folder INORI Character Data
Open LiveAnimation, go to File/Import/PMD and open the model.
LiveAnimation Preview
Go to File/Import Motion, and find the (BECKY_PANKING.lam) which is located at LiveAnimation/Motion folder. 2110 frames.
Go to Window/AnimationEditor, open Edit window and push "MotionMirror" button.
This is to compensate the difference of coodinate system between MMD and iClone.
Go to File/Export/FBX, and save the file with FBX format.
FBX Export Dialog
3DXchange Pipeline to import FBX MMD model with dance and export as Props.
2.1 Open 3DXchange5, Go to File and Open INORI.fbx. Check on the "Import Animation"
2.2 Preview the MMD model, Rotate by 180 degree and scale by 800%.
3DXchange Preview
2.3 Material Identification and Correction: Compare the Preview Material with the designed image.
  Use dropper tool to identify the material number.
This will help precise adjustment of individual material colors.
(Materials can also be adjusted in iClone5)

Select Mesh at the bottom in the Scene Tree.
Go to Modify/Select Material and select Material #19.

Set the Opacity and Specular Value to ”0”.
Eye Materials seems to be different from the expected design.
Drag the "tex_eyes2_base.tga" and "tex_eyes2.tga" in the Model Folder into the Eyes.

Also, Set the Specular Value for the face, eyelid, hair, and clothes to "0".

2.7 Go to Modify/Perform Editor and click on the Clip "INORI Motion" to preview the motion.
Preview Motion
2.8 Go to File/Export/, and define Exporting Type and Destination as follows.

Content Type: Props


Exporting Type:

Geometry and Animation



Exporting Destination:

iClone5 Custom/Props/MMD/INORI

Prepare other MMD models to confirm the peformance as Props.
MIKU Motion
Previewing MMD Dance Props on iClone5 Preview screen.
Go to Set/Props and find the INORI Motion Props in theCustom/Props/MMD/INORI folder.
Adjust the material color, specularity, transparency, if needed.
Use Play button to start dance motion (INORI Motion).

Prepare other MMD models to confirm the perormance as Props.
Bring any iClone Standard Character and apply the same dance motion.
Add Motion

Set up characters location for making short video.

Try Camera Swith to show close-up movement. Demo (MP4: 8.3M)

3DXchange5 Pipeline Test Series 8: MMD Dance Props
2012.8.24 by Hirospot
How to combine motions in the LiveAnimation.
When any motion file is used, T pose may not always be available in the motion.

This T pose can be added to the motion file by using Action Mixer as T pose file is included in the LiveAnimation.
Open LiveAnimation
Go to File/Import/PMD and open the MMD Model (Lets ask AOKI LAPIS, designed by CARNERIAN)
Go to File/Load Motion and Select (STN_T_POSE.lam) which is located at LiveAnimation/Motion folder.
Go to File/Load Motion.Select (BECKY_PANKING.lam) which is located at LiveAnimation/Motion folder. 2110 frames.

Lord Motion
Go to Window/Motion List and ActionMixer, and place the T-Pose file in front of the Motion file.
We need at least 1 T-pose frame, remove 90〜99% frames by Edit function in the ActionMixer.
Move the pointer to frame #5 in the T-pose frames, press "Cut Clip" button, select longer side clip and press Edit button to remove the longer part of T-pose frame.
Delete Clip
Check the "RealTime", press "Play" button and confirm the character motion for all frames.
Go to File/Export/FBX
FBX Export
Open 3DXChange5
Go to File/Open and install the FBX file. Scale to the Dummy (X850). Rotate Z=180
Go to Modify/Animation and confirm the Motion Liblary.
2.3 Press "Add to Perform" and Preview motion.
Preview Motion
2.4 Go to File/Export as Props.
Export Prop
2.5 Open iClone5 and Preview the MMD Character performance.
2.6 Adjust the Materials opacity.
  When you need MMD character as Non-Standard Character in the iClone, visit the other report #6.
Bone Mapping
3DXchange5 Pipeline Test Series 8: MMD Dance Props
2012.8.24 (Revised 2013.1.3) by Hirospot
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