FUSING MEMO           

memo of useful informations for fusing beginners

coefficient of expansion

When two glasses are fused, if they don't have a similar coefficient of expansion (COE), they will break. So,it is important to know what glass has what COE. COE difference between two glasses is desirable within ±2.

Glasses popularly used in fusing have next COE.


BULLSEYE FOR FUSING       90    standard glass in fusing

UROBOROS FOR FUSING       90    items are as rich as BULLSEYE.


SPECTRUM SYSTEM 96      96   new comer, not expensive

REICHENBACH           90    powder, frit

KUGLER              93    powder, frit

DESAG                95    Color items are limited, but will find good color.

MORETTI             104    rod, millefiore

SATAKE             110〜120  rod  

stress viewer(stressometer)made easy

A stress viewer is convenient to see whether stress remains in glass burnt or not, caused by COE difference etc. It is essential tool for fusing, but is expensive in market. You can make it by your hand.

First, you must buy a polarization film of about A4 size. (at Tokyu-hands etc in Tokyo)

Next, you make a small box, with a electric light (about 40W) inside, and frosted glass on upper face.

Cut polarization film to halves and set one half on glass and hold another film some10cm high on the glass by some way. The photo shows holding by a bolt and a butterfly nut. Important is to hold two films crossed in direction.

Turn on light, put a burnt glass between two films and see from upside. You can find stress point lighting white in the darkness.