luminous orange

Luminous Orange Discography

Soar, Kiss The Moon

Available in mid August 2014


1. Das Experiment 2. Little Girl, Dancing 3. Nightwalking 4. Sore, Soar, Soir 5. Tigerlily Mixolydian 6.Coarse Linen 7. Braque's Bird 8. Kissing The Moon 9. Glenn Smith 10. Slaughterhouse

Songs of Innocence

Released on 2nd June 2010
Zanyko Record (ZNR-089)


1. Song of Innocence 2. Untold 3. Sea of Lights 4. Autumn Song 5. Riverboat 6. I Saw No More 7. Yueqin Spring Moon 8. Violet 9. Dusk, Train and the Bridge 10. Blaze of Light 11. Song of Experience

Best of Luminous Orange

Released on 4th November 2009
Zanyko Records (ZNR-077) 2,520yen

1.Flowline 2.Utatane no Hibi  3.Walkblind 4.Ken-Ban 5.Every Single Child 6.Tears of Honey 7.Gertrude 8.Honey Eyes 9.Sheet Music 10.Drop You Vivid Colours 11.Silver Clothes 12.Starred Leaf 13.Sakura Swirl 14.Chapter22 15.2.Fresh Berry Soup

Sakura Swirl (JP)

Released on 5th March, 2008
Navigation (nav-001) 2,310yen

1.Sakura Swirl 2.Every Single Child 3.Icicles 4.Reverie 5.Silver Kiss
6.Shigatsu no Yoru 7.Mithrandir in the Lilac Sky 8.Half a Boy 9.Under Your Skin 10. Sakura Park (Ifwhen Remix)

Sakura Swirl (US)

Released in Aug 2007 Music Related (ML-18)

1.Sakura Swirl 2.Every Single Child 3.Icicles 4.Reverie 5.Silver Kiss 6.Mithrandir in the Lilac Sky 7.Half a Boy 8.Under Your Skin

Vivid Short Trip 7 stops Farther

Released in 2004 Cream Cone Records Record (CCLO-999)
2,300yen *Reissued 1st album originally released in 1996

1.Rose Petal Cake 2.Dump the Wings 3.Summer Brushes the View 4.Fall Again  5.Burn Me Down  6.Birds of Paradise   7.Snow Leopard 8.Gertrude  9.December Sail 10.Emrald Twins  11.Fleece  12.Blue Red Portrait  13.Burn Me Down  14.Ice Moon  15.Garden of Stones  16.Summer Brushes the View  17.Snow Leopard  18.I Can't Move

Drop You Vivid Colours

Released in 2002 Tonevendor Records (TVIP-1023)

1.Drop You Vivid Colours  2.How High  3.the Sky 4.Turbo R  5.Give a Hint  6.Utatane no Hibi 7.Starred Leaf  8.Mother Pearl  9.Sun Ray  10.Rusty Wheel


Released in 2000 trattoria (MTCD1002) *non-available

1.Absentmindedmysugar 2 
2.Silver Clothes  3.Ken-Ban 4.Flowline


Released in Dec.1999 Cream Cone Records cccd-1111
1,600 yen

1.Walkblind 2.What You've Done 3.Sugarplastic 4.Tears of Honey  5.Chapter22  6.Cottontails  7.Puppy Dog Mail (fast) Warren Defever Remix


Released in Sep.1998 Major Records (MJIP-001) 2,000yen

1.Tears of Honey  2.Language of the Wind 3.Starquake  4.Puppy Dog Mail  5.Sugarcoated  6.Another Sick New World  7.Chelsea Girl(cover of Ride's song)  8.Honey Eyes  9.Heather Scent the Air  10.Classified

Puppy Dog Mail EP

7inch Released in Apr.1998
Friendly Science Enregisterments (UK) (fs04)

1.Puppy Dog Mail  2.Fresh Berry Soup 
3.Wave  4.Before Last Night

Waiting for the Summer

Released in Aug.1997 K.O.G.A. Records (koga-029) 1,995yen

1.Hot Caramel  2.Key For Spring  3.Flame Flower  4.Waiting for the Summer  5.Sheet Music  6.Garden of Stones  7.the White Moon    8.the Winter Sun  9.I Can't Move

Vivid Short Trip

Released in Sep.1996 Cream Cone Records (cccd-999)
Sold out *Reissued in 2004

1.Rose Petal Cake 2.Dump the Wings
3.Summer Brushes the View 4.Fall Again
5.Burn Me Down  6.Birds of Paradise
7.Snow Leopard 8.Gertrude 9.December Sail 10.Emerald Twins  11.Fleece


(split cassette tape) Released in 1994
Sold Out

1.Blue Red Portlait  2.Burn Me Down 
3.Gertrude  4.Ice Moon  5.December Sail