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Oct. 1 2005 Zher the Zoo, Yoyogi
with Crime in Choir,nhhmbase,SHIFT,group inou

1.Walkblind 2.Every Single Child 3.Gertrude 4.Half a Boy
5.Drop You Vivid Colours 6.Icicles 7.Tears of Honey 8.Cottontails

musicians: 竹内里恵 (g,vo), 舘山裕之(d)、藤井真生(g)、江崎典利(b)
Sep. 10 2005, Bobtail, Ikenoue *Solo set
with/ Arc, 虹色フラワー, 藤井真生ソロ

1.How High 2.Icicles 3.Sumemr Brushes the View
4.What You've Done 5.Reverie 6.Half a Boy
7.Every Single Child 8.Walkblind

musicians: 竹内里恵 (g,vo), *舘山裕之(shaker on 3&5, d on 8) , 藤井真生(g on 8),遠藤健(b on 8)
Jan 19 2005 Sublime, Aomori *Solo set

1.Half a Boy 2.hunched 3.snipe
4.moon song(my bloody valentine song) 5.walkblind

musicians: 竹内里恵 (g,vo), 遠藤健(cho on 4 &5)
Nov. 27 2004 O-Nest, Shibuya
Vivid Short Trip 7 Stops Farther Cerebration gig

1.December Sail 2.Drop You Vivid Colours 3.Fall Again 4.Utatane no Hibi 5.Tears of Honey 6.Cottontails 7.Burn Me Down 8.She Rides the Waves(Pale Saints song)
9.Honey Eyes 10.Gertrude 11.Garden Of Stones 12.Waiting For The Summer 13.Silver Clothes 14.Summer Brushes the View 15.Walkblind 16.Ken-Ban 17.Starred Leaf 18.Emerald Twins 19. Turbo R(encore)

musicians: 竹内里恵 (g,vo), 藤井 真生(g),江崎 典利(b) ,舘山 裕之(d on ;1-9,17&19,key on 12) , 鰰澤 亜人(d on 9-19, Ag;7&8, cho;8&13),小林 愛(cho;4,5,15,16,17,key;16,17) /PA 宋 基文
Nov. 6 2004 Ginnan Rock Festival, 大阪市立大学
with/ Rovo, Rei Harakami

1.Flowline 2.Gertrude 3.Walkblind 4.Tears of Honey 5.Drop You Vivid Colours 6.Ken-Ban 7.Utatane no Hibi 8.Silver Clothes 9.Cottontails 10.Turbo R

musicians:竹内里恵 (g,vo), 藤井 真生(g) 遠藤 健(b) , 舘山裕之(d) / PA by宋 基文
Oct. 15 2004 Siberia NYC/CMJ Music Marathon 2004

1.Flowline 2.Gertrude 3. Walkblind 4.Tears of Honey
5.Drop You Vivid Colours 6.Ken-Ban 7.Utatane no Hibi 8.Silver Clothes 9.Cottontails 10.Turbo R

musicians: 竹内里恵 (g,vo), 藤井 真生(g), 遠藤 健 (b), 舘山裕之(d)
Nov 25 2003 EVE Festival, Doshisha Univ. Kyoto

1.Gertrude 2.Utatane no Hibi 3.Ken-Ban 4.Flowline
5.Tears of Honey 6.Walkblind 7.Honey Eyes

musicians: 竹内里恵 (g,vo), 小林 愛(g, cho)、江崎典利 (b), 舘山裕之(d) / PA by 宋 基文
July. 19 2003 Cave-Be, Shimokitazawa

1.Utatane no Hibi 2.Another Sick New World 3.Flowline 4.Walkblind
5.Starred Leaf 6.Turbo R 7.Cottontails 8.Sugarplastic

musicians:竹内里恵 (g,vo), 吉兼 聡 (g), 小林 愛(key,cho), 江崎典利(b) ,舘山裕之(d) / PA by 宋 基文

Jun.15 O-nest, Shibuya
1.Wave 2.Honey Eyes 3.Sun Ray 4.Utatane no Hibi 5.Flowline
6.the Sky 7.Tears of Honey 8.Language of the Wind

musicians: 竹内里恵 (g,vo),吉兼 聡(g), 小林 愛(cho,key), 岡本たつや(b) , 舘山裕之(d) / PA by 宋 基文
May 17 2003 Takutaku, Kyoto

1.Cottontails 2.the Sky 3.Flowline 4.Gertrude 5.Ken-Ban
6.Sun Ray 7.Drop You Vivid Colours 8.Language of the Wind
9.Wave (achoustic) 10.Honey Eyes(achoustic〜twin drums)
11.Absentminded My Sugar2 12.Silver Clothes 13.How High 14.Utatane no Hibi (l'ecume des jours) 15.Hot Caramel 16.Turbo R 17.Tears of Honey 18.Walkblind 19.Give a Hint 20.Starred Leaf (twin drums)
21.Rusty Wheel (twin drums...encore)

musicians : 竹内里恵 (g,vo), 吉兼 聡(g),小林 愛(cho,key), 江崎典利(g) ,舘山裕之(d), アヒト・イナザワ / PA by宋 基文

May 4 2003, O-Nest, Shibuya
with/toddle,界,cryuff in the bedroom,Natsumen

1.Flowline 2.Gertrude 3.Ken-Ban .Hot Caramel 5.Starred Leaf
6.Rusty Wheel 7.Walkblind 8.Language of the Wind

musicians: 竹内里恵 (g,vo), 吉兼 聡(g),小林 愛(cho,key), 江崎典利(g) ,舘山裕之(d)/ PA by 宋 基文

March 22 2003 Cave-Be, Shimokitazawa
with/Jesus Fever,Fluid,99Panic Smile

1.the Sky 2.Cottomtails 3.Gertrude 4.Ken-Ban 5.Utatane no Hibi 6.Drop You Vivid Colours 7.How High 8.Turbo R 9.Tears of Honey 10.Language of the Wind

musicians: 竹内里恵 (g,vo), 吉兼 聡(g),小林 愛(cho,key), 江崎典利(g) ,舘山裕之(d), PA by 宋 基文

Jan. 18 2003 Cave-Be, Shimokitazawa
with/Natsumen,Bloodthirsty Butchers

1.Silver Clothes 2.Utatane no Hibi 3.How High 4.Turbo R
5.Tears of Honey 6.the Sky 7.Give a Hint 8.Walkblind 9.Language of the Wind

musicians :竹内里恵 (g,vo), 吉兼 聡(g),小林 愛(cho,key), 江崎典利(g) ,舘山裕之(d)/ PA by 宋 基文
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