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How to open the cab of MAXI crane?

Peter asked this question to MML:

> Anybody know how to open one of these up. My new crane has wound its thread
> onto something it should not, and I need to get right inside. Only problem
> is that the cab is secured by nuts and bolts, with all the nuts inside
> except for the front plate, but the rear nuts are too far away to hold in
> place while unscrewing the bolts.
> Advice gratefully received.
> Peter McMaster, London, England.

My answer is:

Hi Peter and MAXIist:

You draw a joker :-)

Usually there are 'non nut-and-bolt' screw on MAXI rolling stocks.
You must loosen them at first.

This is a rescue manual for rescue wagon :-))
For the crane:

1) Loosen four screws on front panel of the cab.

2) Loosen two smaller screws on under side of the back panel of the cab.
(Swing the cab to right angle at transportation status.)
(Larger will provide you more complicated problem)

3) Loosen screw on top of back panel of the cab.

These seven screws are correct answer.
You can access all screws and nuts you can not access now.

Good luck.

Thanks to Mr.Peter McMaster.

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