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This page (will) contains a lot of hints and tips for Gauge 1 rail modelling.

Please read notes on bottom of this page before you try to your project.

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  - Basic information for Gauge1 beginner.     - For regular visitor.  
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  - Electronics study and solutions for digital and sound system.   - Small articles, tips, idea, hard to find parts ...
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  - Electric modifies for gauge 1 locomotives.   - Links to useful webs for 1 gauge model railroaders.
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  - Wagons made from static plastic models / LED interior lighting etc.   - Sitemap of Jun's @Gauge1 page.
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These pages are existing only for my personal hobby. All contents are not for any commercial acts.

If you want to use tips or ideas in this web site for a commercial act, please contact me first.

If any one who want to use the contents for their publish or web contents or make a link to this page should contact me first.

The contents is only valid for my case. Changes may done for your certain models by your own responce.

Please make sure that "DO IT YOURSELF MEANS DO IT YOURSELF WARRANTY" always in your mind.

I can't take any responsibility for result of using my tips for your model.

Changes may occur when my development going on or by anyone's suggestions.

Some names of brands, companies and stuffs are generally trade mark(TM) or registered trademark(R) without announcement.

All the icons and shadow rollingstock images are original of Jun Maeda. I am keeping copyright of these simbols. Please contact me before use them for any purpose (both individually or commercially).

Thank you.


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