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How to get 8-pole connector for #60955?

When I got my first #60955 MAXI high efficiency decoder, I thought naturally 8-pole connector for the circuit comes with itself. But, naturally märklin does not attached that key parts in the box(7-pole connector comes with the unit. Thank you very much M.).

This means that to use the decoder for non-MAXI loco such as KofII we need to get 8-pole connector from some where.

Then mission to search the connector started.

The genuine connector made by STOCKO(German firm). I tried to get genuine one but it was very hard to find it in this far east.

I almost gave up and solder the wires directly to the PCB. Soldering wire directly is not only to get bad appearance but also brings bad maintenanc-ability, lot of complicate during testing and it brings short circuit, and then smoke, and .............

Finally I recalled ROCO's Cable/connector system. The 8-pole connector within the line up is fit to the PCB.

Scanned from ROCO catalog 1999-2000.

This is the 'Savior'.

The connector has longer profile than STOKO's, but the end of insertion of wire(upper end in above photo) can be cut off, and overall length be able to shorten. Another difference is, STOKO's has double side contact(common contact to both side of PCB), but ROCO's has only single side. But there's no trouble for my experience with ROCO's.

ROCO also offers flatcable to use with this connector. The cable is very hard to bend/ twist by means of each wire made by single cupper wire.

I'm prefer to use conventional fine flat cable such as used for wire harness in PCs(IDE something). In this case the wires should be solder to contact of connector.(At last you must heat up solder iron!)

In addition, please be aware with the yellow 'X' mark on the catalog! Only 8-pole connector is discontinued item, besides 3-, 5- and16-poles are survive. Why ROCO???

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