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'Home made' self - registering thermometer.

If you need to take a temperature continuously, how do you do it?

Do you get expensive professional self - registering thermometer for the toy?

Do you sit next to the electrical thermometer for one or two or more hours with stopwatch, pencil and memo pad?

I'm solved it with simple equipment around me.

Please take a look at above picture.

'E.THERMOMETER' is inexpensive home use electric thermometer with external thermo sensor.

'VIDEO CAMERA' is also inexpensive video camera for video chat something.

Connect the camera to a VCR(video casette recorder) and set the camera to catch display panel of thermometer.

Then the VCR records the temp. continuously until the tape lasts.

When preview the recorded video, the time counter of the VCR tells you passed time and recorded meter display panel tells you temp. of every time(even every second!).


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