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G10 with brake man's cab(2-axles closed van) from Iron side plastic kit.



Construction of the wagon.

To justify total length of the wagon to MAXI frame, I added brake man's cab to one of the end of wagon.


Blake man's cab

The brakeman's cab and ladders are scratch build from styrene sheet. Railings are made from steel wires.

Please refer here for how to make signal holder.

Under frame

Under frame is MAXI standard wagon frame. Body and under frame fixed by sheet magnet(shining part of bottom of body).



Completed wagon


Detail of completed wagon


The roof and side door can be opened.

I painted inside wall with pale green paint. Is this true to prototype?


Close up of some letterings.

Some of them come from Gunze's Ommru, others are from original kit.


Marker signal Zg3 on it's holder.



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