Movies and Television

Surf Party('64)

Big Jake ('71) Train robbers('72)

He sang the theme songs in the following movies.
Scorpio rising('63)Blue velvet
Surf party('64)If I were an artist
Harlow('65)Lonely girl

Duchess and dirtwater fox('76)Lemon drops lollipops sunbeams
More American graffiti('79)Mr.lonely
Killing of America('81)It was nice to know you.John
American werewolf in London('81)Blue moon
Baby it's you('83)Please love me forever
Heaven help us('85)Blue velvet
Blue velvet('86)Blue velvet

Goodfellas('90)Roses are red 

All the boys love Mandy Lane((2006)Sealed with a kiss
Mister lonely(2007)Mr.lonely


Duchess and 

More Amer.

Blue velvet

The Bobby Vinton Show('75-78)Syndicated TV show, 74episodes(Produced in Toronto)
Gossip columnist('79)MTV movie
Patty Duke Show(Feb. 2, 1965)Guest appearance (ABC)
The Ed Sullivan Show; appeared 10 times between 1962 and 1971.(CBS)
American Band Stand; appeared 10 times between 1961 and 1974.(ABC)
Shindig(Dec. 2, 1964)As a guest.(ABC)Episode #1-13
Hullabaloo(Mar. 9, 1965)As a host.(NBC)Episodes #1-9
Perry Como ThanksGiving Day special(Nov. 22, 1965)Guest
Picadilly Palace(June 24, 1967)Guest. Bobby sings, "Mr.lonely""To life"
& "Sunrise, sunset".
Hollywood Palace(Jan, 25, 1969)As a guest(Bobby sings "Hit medley and
@I love how you love me)
Kraft Music Hall(July 31, 1968)As a guest. Summer of 1970, He sings"
No arms can ever hold you"

Sony & Cher comedy hour(1972)Episodes #3-11
Midnight special(Episodes 96, 1974)As a guest host(NBC)Bobby sings,
."My melody of love""I honestly love you" & "Mr.lonely".
NBC-TV"Rose Bowl ...Sounds of '72"As a host
CBS-TV"Rock'n rollers"('78)As a host
Barbara Mandrell Show(Dec. 1980) Guest(NBC)
Bobby Goldsboro Show('72-75)Guest Syndicated TV show
@@Bobby sings, "My melody of love""Am I losing you"&"And I love you so"

    with Bobby Goldsboro(1974)

Dinahfs place(July 30, 1973)

Glen Campbell good time hour(Feb. 28, 1971)Bobby sings "It's impossible"
& hit medley:"Blue velvet, Roses are red, Blue on blue, Take good care
of my baby & Please love me forever"with Glen.

Johnny Carson Tonight Show(Oct. 25, 1978)

15th annual jukebox awards(1979)As a guest.Bobby sings "Hit-medley".

Merv Griffin Show, Feb. 28, 1974, Apr. 1, 1974, Sept. 13, 1974.
Bobby sings "He".(1981)

All star salutes to Motherfs day(1985)

Bobby Vinton Show(Jan. 6, 1985)

Kissin' Christmas(Dec. 1997)

Other shows include Lawrence Welk Show, Danny Thomas Show,  Alan Thick Show, Jimmy Dean Show(1963) etc.

Bobby Vinton live at the Sands('84)RKO Home Video

Bobby Vinton Show(Sept. 28, 1994)R & G Video
@@@@@@@Originally broadcasted on Jan. 6, 1985

Kissin' christmas('96)BV Theatre

Polish Americans('98)90 min.
(Prodcution: WLIW21 New York, WMHT Schenectady &
WVIZ Cleveland)(aired on OMS)

@Bobby Vinton live in concert(2001)BV Theatre(includes his concert in Montreal, Canada on Jan 28, 1995)

Bobby Vinton Live: Songs from my heart/Image entertainment 1D1739CJ(Sept.17,
@@2002jOriginally broadcasted on March, 2002.
<Seen on PBS>