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Basic information for Gauge1 beginner.


Here is the comparison of märklin and hübner track system.

There is a fully compatibility between two track system.




Straight tracks l= 900, 300, 150, 80.4, 59.5mm l= 900, 600, 300, 200, 152.2 , 150, 59.5mm
Curved tracks r= 600, 760.8, 1020, 1176mm r= 1550, 1715, 2321mm
Sleeper Plastic(wood color) Plastic(wood color)
Turn outs r= 600, 1020mm r= 2321mm
DKW(Double slip) No YES
X Clossing No YES
Curved turn outs No YES
Turnout mechanism Electro-magnetic Motor
Turnout decoder märklin/motorola märklin/motorola and DCC
Uncoupling track Yes No
Bridge system Yes No
Grade Crossing Yes(tinplate) No
Signals Yes No


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