märklin #56560 Sound effects electronic circuit for BR218

This is a result of my study for 56560 Sound effects electronic circuit for BR218.

56560 is diesel sound effects unit for BR218.

Some variations are exist by means of EP-ROMs. for BR220, Am4/4, F7, V36(?).........

The circuit makes a lot of heat during the loco on the rail(not sound is activated, only supplying power for the unit). It must be always considered about cooling the unit (See Locomotive page for detailed applications).

The pin assign of a connector on the circuit is:

10-pin connector(1-10 in above fig.)

  1. Speaker
  2. Speaker
  3. Motor
  4. Motor
  5. Gnd (internal)
  6. Engine sound Start/Stop
  7. Horn on/off
  8. Horn pitch low(off)/ High
  9. NC
  10. +Ub (internal)

All functions(#6-#8) are activated when the line connected to ground(internal DC ground, not rail)

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