Some studies for Gauge 1 digital system

Pin AssignPin assign Sound Related Sound Related Modify Modify New! New!

  Pin Assign märklin #6095 c95 Standard Gauge 1 decoder
  Pin Assign märklin #60952(86095) c95/2 Gauge 1 decoder for double motor loco
  Pin Assign märklin #658530 MAXI-Delta decoder
  Pin Assign märklin #60955 MAXI high efficiency decoder
  Modify - Difference of #658530 MAXI Delta and #60955 decoder(and problem comes from the difference)
  Pin Assign märklin #600401 MAXI-Delta decoder for BR140
  Modify - Front/rear light control interface circuit for c95series decoder and MAXI loco with LED head/tail lights
New! Pin AssignSound Related märklin #601356 decoder for BR91.3(T9.3) and märklin #601355 Sound effect circuit for BR91.3(T9.3)
  Modify Add Function(Lf/Lr) to märklin #6096 c96 function decoder
  Pin AssignSound Related märklin #56560 Sound effects electronic circuit for BR218
  Modify Simple digital turnout receiver with c80 decoder.
  Pin Assign hübner 1400/1405 decoder for Railbus VT98/VS98(VB98) and Circuit diagram of Railbus VT98 and VS98
  Pin Assign hübner/ESU #4070 decoder for Railbus VT98 and Circuit diagram of Railbus VT98.



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