märklin #6095 c95/2 Gauge 1 decoder for two motor loco

This is a result of my study for 6095 c95/2 Gauge 1 decoder for two motor loco.

60952(86095) c95/2 decoder is decoder for standard design two motor märklin 1 locomotives such as E91 or crocodile.

The pin assign of two connectors on the decoder are:

20-pin connector(a-t on above fig.)

a : f1
b : f2
c,d: Lr(Light rear)
e,f: Lf(Light front)
g,h: Gnd
i,j: Gnd
k,l: Rail
m,n: Rail
o,p: +Ub(about +20V)
q,r: Motor
s,t: Motor

10-pin connector(1-10 on above fig.) = same as 6095 c95 decoder.

  1. +Ub (about +20V)
  2. F1
  3. Lf (Light front)
  4. gnd (internal ground)
  5. F4
  6. Lr (Light rear)
  7. F3
  8. F2
  9. gnd (same as #4)
  10. +Ub (same as #1)

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