Simple digital turnout receiver with c80 decoder.

This is a development of digital turnout receiver with c80 HO locomotive decoder.

Basic concept:

Comparison with k83 turnout decoder:


How does it works?:



Bottom view of circuit board.

Click the image for clearer drawing.

The dotted lines are jump wire on upper side of the circuit board.

Bottom view of relay.

Relay: Matsushita(NAiS) :DS2E-M-DC24V, Condenser: 470uF / 50V

Sequence of circuit:

  1. The Lf/Lr of c80 pull down to ground(=push 'off' button).
  2. One of condenser('C') become charged by current thru micro switch in turnout mechanism #5625. The current for coil of #5625 still interrupt by relay contact NO(normally open).
  3. When the charge of 'C' completed, the coil of relay magnetized.
  4. The current for opposite coil from existing position of turnout mechanism #5625 turned on by relay contact NO(normally open). Simultaneously, another coil of #5625 is shut down by relay contact NC(normally close).
  5. When the lead rail have moved to another position, the current for coil of #5625 is cut off. In this phase opposite coil is simultaneously connected to power source, but relay keeps former position by means of charge of condenser. So the turnout mechanism does not chatter from one side to another side.
  6. If c80 turned off during charge of condenser is remaining, The lead rail stays at the position.
  7. After charge of condenser lasted, the circuit waiting for next pulse from c80.

Fitting to the box.

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