Difference of #658530 MAXI Delta and #60955 decoder.

(and problem comes from the difference.)

The #60955 MAXI high efficiency decoder has very high potential. So it is good idea to change the decoder from #658530 Delta to #60955, but there is a complicated problem comes from difference of these two decoders.

What's differ?

Please notice for the polarity of each outputs.

Relationship of 'direction arrow' on 6021 CU and pin outputs.

#658530 (Delta):






+0~ +20V




-0~ -20V



#4~#6 always connected to internal gnd.(0V).

#60955(high eff. digital):

Direction #3(motor) #6(motor) #1(Lr) #8(Lf)











All voltages are measured between internal ground.

What's problem?


Before exchange of decoder:

I think this configurations by means of:

BUT, this simplification makes problem.

After exchange a decoder to #60955:


This is a 'Head lights problem' occured by changing decoder.

How to fix?

Invert the polarity of Lf LED.

Simply doing this solves the problem.

I didn't test this configuration on DC= rails. I'll test it and report what happen in that situation in near future.

But I think there are many variations in certain models(as always in marklin's products).

Make sure, take a look your model for detail and think well actual diagram, before trying to do this. As a fact, I've burned out four yellow LEDs of E69 when I faced on this problem!

Be care full all the time, you dissect your models.


NOTE:The circuit diagrams fig.1,2 and 3 are simplified drawings. Naturally there are resister etc. in actual circuit.


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