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BR80 Products      
    + E69 MAXI and Standard Guage1
    + Track Tracks
DIGITAL Digital      
    + DIGITAL märklin / motorolla and DCC
    + DIGITAL Delta and Digital
    + Knob Equipments for starting Digital!



  Pin Assign märklin #6095 c95 Standard Gauge 1 decoder
  Pin Assign märklin #60952(86095) c95/2 Gauge 1 decoder for double motor loco
  Pin Assign märklin #658530 MAXI-Delta decoder
  Pin Assign märklin #60955 MAXI high efficiency decoder
  Modify - Difference of #658530 MAXI Delta and #60955 decoder(and problem comes from the difference)
  Pin Assign märklin #600401 MAXI-Delta decoder for BR140
  Modify - Front/rear light control interface circuit for c95series decoder and MAXI loco with LED head/tail lights
New! Pin AssignSound Related märklin #601356 decoder for BR91.3(T9.3) and märklin #601355 Sound effect circuit for BR91.3(T9.3)
  Modify Add Function(Lf/Lr) to märklin #6096 c96 function decoder
  Pin AssignSound Related märklin #56560 Sound effects electronic circuit for BR218
  Modify Simple digital turnout receiver with c80 decoder.
  Pin Assign hübner 1400/1405 decoder for Railbus VT98/VS98(VB98) and Circuit diagram of Railbus VT98 and VS98
  Pin Assign hübner/ESU #4070 decoder for Railbus VT98 and Circuit diagram of Railbus VT98.


> @LocomotiveLocomotive


  Sound V36 V36(märklin #55302) with #56560 sound effect circuit.
  Sound V100 V100(märklin #544340 from train set #55721) with #56560 sound effect circuit.
  Digital KofII Closed cab Köf II(märklin #5578) with #658530 MAXI-Delta decoder.
  Digital KofII Köf II(märklin #5577) with #60955 decoder.
  SoundDigital KofII Köf II(märklin #5574) with ESU LokSound HO decoder.
New! Modify KofII Drawings of detailing cab of Small Diesel Locomotive KöfII.
  Digital E69 E69(#54201) with #60955 decoder.
  SoundDigital E40 BR140(märklin #54213) with c95 decoder and #56560 sound effect circuit.
  SoundDigital BR80 BR80(märklin #5504 from train set #55042) with ESU LokSound XL<Trial Version>
  Sound BR91 Installing genuine sound effect circuit to BR91.3 from märklin Premium Starter Set.
  Digital Individual light control for hübner's VT98 with #4070 decoder.


> @WagonsWagons

Kit bash from static plastic model Ommru33 Ommru33(2-axles open wagon) from Gunze plastic kit.
  Kit bash from static plastic model G10 with brake man's cab(2-axles closed van) from Iron side plastic kit.
  Kit bash from static plastic model SSym46 SSym46(6-axles heavy duty flat wagon) from Iron side resin kit.
  White LED interior lighting B4yg White LED interior lighting and LED tail lighting for hübner 4yg coach.
  Other modify B4yg Better electric connection between under frame and body for hübner 4yg coach.
  Normal LED interior lighting Pwi-23 LED interior lighting for hübner Pwi-23 baggage wagon.
  Normal LED interior lighting Bpr3 LED interior lighting for 3-axles compartment coach.
  Other modify Bpr3 Add details to 3-axles compartment coach.


> @Misc.Misc.

  Technical tips, idea, tools 'Home made' self - registering thermometer.  
  Technical tips, idea, tools How to get 8-pole connector for märklin #60955.
  Technical tips, idea, tools Making a marker signal Zg3 and it's holder.  
  Technical tips, idea, tools Achtung! for steel ball in warm gear of MAXI Locos. E40E69
  Good? for reading Did you bought Bookshelf from Germany?  
  Technical tips, idea, tools How to open the cab of MAXI crane? MAXI Crane
  Technical tips, idea, tools How to measure digital track voltage with conventional circuit tester?  
  Good? for reading My Trauma??? ~ Märklin Japanese Catalog from '75 ~  
New! Download Data Märklin Gauge1 track data for TrainCAD  




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