Front/rear light control interface circuit


c95 series decoder and MAXI loco with LED head/tail lights


Because of difference of circuit system between MAXI and standard gauge 1 locos, the c95 series (#6095, #60952, #60955) decoders cannot directly control head/tail lights of MAXI loco (example E10/E40).

Circuit diagram:

This diagram shows 'Lf=off / Lr=off' status.

How does it works?

This diagram shows 'Lf=on' status.


This diagram shows 'Lr=on' status.


This diagram shows 'Lf=on / Lr=on' status.

Actual Unit for E40

This is a sample circuit for my E40. Please refer here too.

PCB layout diagram

Please click on image to enlarge it.


Bottom view of relay.

Relay: Matsushita(NAiS) :DS2E-M-DC12V


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